Should You Get a Transport Canada Boat License or Registration

Transport Canada boat license

Do you think that a Transport Canada boat license is right for your vessel? Or, do you think that registering it might be the best way forward? This depends on multiple factors, namely specific characteristics of your vessel as well as what you’re going to use it for. At the National Vessel Registry Center Corp., we’ve helped so many vessel owners like yourself to make the best decision for themselves as well as their vessels. Then, we made it easier to file for the right documentation (or licensing) online in just a matter of minutes. 

Another Way to Ask if you Need a Transport Canada Boat License or Registration

Ask yourself: “what am I going to do with my vessel?” Answering that question can provide you the answer to whether you require a transport Canada boat license or documentation. For example, do you plan on traveling outside of Canada with your vessel, all while it’s being recognized internationally? Then you’re going to want it to be registered. By that same token, if you’ve decided that you want it to have a unique, registered name that no one else can have, then registration is also the way to go. Moreover, many choose registration when they want to get a marine mortgage. 

Vessel Uses 

Are you going to use your vessel to have fun with your family and friends? Do you plan on taking them out for swimming, skiing, or just riding around the lake? Or, alternatively, do you plan on making some money with this vessel? Do you see yourself charging for tours of a body of water, or transporting folks from one place to another? If you’re going to use the vessel for commercial purposes, then registration is the way to go. That said, if you’re like many of the vessel owners we talk to, your answer might be: “both.” If that’s the case, then you still want to get it registered. You can use a registered vessel for recreation and pleasure, but you can’t use a vessel with a pleasure craft license commercially. 

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Vessel Size and Engine Specifications 

The size of the vessel’s engine factors greatly into what kind of documentation you need. For example, if the engine of your vessel is more than 7.5 kW, you’re using it commercially, and it has more than 15 gross tonnes, then you’re going to want to get it registered. However, if it should be less than 15 gross tonnes, then registering it with the Small Vessel Register is the right course of action. 

One Place for Licensing and Documentation 

It’s perfectly natural to have read this blog, gotten to this final paragraph, and thought: “OK, that all sounds good, but I’m still a bit fuzzy on what’s right for my vessel.” As ever, we can help. You can email or call our staff and we can walk you through which kind of documentation is right for your vessel. To learn more or just to get additional info, call (800) 419-9569.