Why You Should Register Your Boat with Transport Canada

Transport Canada Boat Registration

The guidelines and restrictions for boaters’ safety are there for a reason. Licensing your watercraft with Transport Canada Boat Registration is governed by one of these regulations. The first stage is to have a Certificate of Registration given by Transport Canada, which will officially document your possession. All the information about your boat, including its type and serial number, length, description, and identification number, will be listed here.

You can do this at any port or pier office or use their website remotely. Make sure to bring it with you the next time you go boating in case you need to prove your identity to someone or if a law enforcement officer conducts a random check. You should register your watercraft with Transport Canada for the following reasons:

Accident Reporting

You’re on your yacht, taking in the sights when suddenly, there’s a massive explosion. You might get struck by the flying blast. You check the watercraft and surrounding area but find no signs of harm. So, what exactly did that entail? Registering your watercraft with Transport Canada can help spread the word about any accidents or mishaps in Canadian waterways. You must notify Transport Canada within ten days if you are engaged in a mishap; if another boater is involved, they must also inform Transport Canada.

Transport Canada will keep track of this data, so anyone interested in mishaps on Canadian waters can quickly obtain complete information about those incidents. This is particularly useful for people who intend on using those rivers in the future, as they can avoid problem spots where others have had mishaps or poor weather.

Safety Measures that Transport Canada Boat Registration Provides

Safety steps like the Transport Canada Boat Registration can help avoid catastrophes. Due to its vast size, Canada has countless waterways where boaters can enjoy the great outdoors. While out on the ocean, you can experience a wide range of climatic conditions. There are times when extra measures must be taken to guarantee the well-being of everyone on board.

In a boating accident, it is crucial to identify the vessel’s owner and point of origin to take the necessary measures. Every ship has a unique seven- or eight-character alphanumeric identifier known as its registry number. This number will be displayed on the side of your watercraft, where it can be seen from land. If the ship were to sink while traveling across the ocean, rescuers would have a much simpler time locating it with this method.

Liability Protection

Many risks are associated with being on the ocean, but registering your boat with Transport Canada can help mitigate some of those risks. Damage to docks or other vessels and injuries sustained on board or at sea can be covered by naming your boat as the responsible party. Any piers or markers damaged by your yacht will be covered by insurance. When you register your boat, others will know they can’t make any claims to it.

In this manner, you can take advantage of the perks of boat ownership without worrying that someone else will claim your vessel. When hiring docking sites or stopping in public places, your license number will prove that the boat is yours. If you own a watercraft, you must register it before using it. Officials can confiscate unregistered vessels and issue penalties to their owners.

Identification of Ownership

As a boat proprietor, one of the essential things you can do for your family’s protection is to get their watercraft with a Transport Canada Boat  Registration. It is evident that you own the boat and have permission to have it on the ocean where it is located. This is especially essential if you will be traveling outside the country, as customs officials in other countries are likely to distrust vessels without identifying information.

Suppose you have a boat that is registered. In that case, the identification number will be written on the body or the ship’s superstructure in large numbers and characters, making it evident that you are the boat’s proprietor. This will make it very easy for other sailors and law enforcement authorities to recognize you as the proprietor of the vessel.

The National Vessel Registry Center Corp is a trusted resource for registering all types of boats. The process is simple, and we’ll even help you get your vessel licensed for fishing if that’s what you need. To learn more, contact us today.