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National Vessel Registry Center, Corp. is NOT Transport Canada; we are a third party agency that handles Canadian Vessel Registration processing to Transport Canada.


Changing the Name of a Boat the Right Way

Some things are meant to last forever. Some folks get tattoos, permanently changing their bodies. Some buy their dream homes, the place where they plan to spend the rest of their days. When folks get married, they do so for the rest of their lives. But, life can change things. Sometimes, what’s meant to last…

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Bareboat Charters in Canada: Dipping Your Feet in the Market

There’s more to running a bareboat charter than simply being on the boat shoeless. If the term “bareboat” seems confusing, think of it more like “unfurnished.” If someone says “I’m buying the apartment unfurnished,” then you know that it means the apartment wouldn’t have furniture, and might not even have blinds or items like that.…

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Import Boat from USA the Right Way

It’s an incredible feeling to be out on your favorite boat. To be clear, it’s great to be on any boat, but being on your favorite boat, possibly one that you’ve brought a long way to this body of water can be even sweeter. Finding the right boat isn’t easy, which anyone who’s looked for…

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Registered Pleasure Craft Licenses in Canada Explained

Summer isn’t just around the corner – summer is just about here. That means it’s time to take out your pleasure craft and get on the water. A pleasure craft is exactly that: a craft that you can have a truly great time on the water. However, to enjoy it as much as possible, you…

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Importing a Used Boat from USA to Canada

There’s nothing in the world quite like finding the boat that you want. When you’ve been searching for a boat, coming up short, and then finally find one that tickles your fancy… it’s the kind of thing that dreams are made of.  In today’s internet age, it’s easier than ever to find the boat you…

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Why Boat Registration in Nova Scotia

You’ve got a boat. You take your boat around Nova Scotia. Maybe you just use it for fun, taking your family and friends out on the water and enjoying the warm spring sun. Perhaps it’s a commercial vessel, and you use it for your livelihood or just to make a few extra bucks on the…

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Great Gift Ideas for Boat Lovers

As the weather turns to spring, that means that it’s finally time for folks to get their boats out of storage and out onto the water. Maybe you’ve got a boat owner in your life and you’re looking for the perfect gift to give them. There are many different kinds of gifts you could give…

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I am Starting a Boat Tour Business. What Documents Do I need?

A boat tour business will be deemed a commercial operation under the Canada Shipping Act, 2001 and therefore subject to different rules, unlike the transport Canada pleasure craft licence, which is quite easy to obtain. Any waterborne enterprise opened for the express purpose of making profit comes under the banner of commercial. The certification and…

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