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National Vessel Registry Center, Corp. is NOT Transport Canada; we are a third party agency that handles Canadian Vessel Registration processing to Transport Canada.


Complying With The Canada Shipping Act of 2001

The Canada Shipping Act of 2001 replaced the old Canada Shipping Act. This legislation governs the safety in recreational boating, as well as marine transportation and marine environment protection. The law applies to all vessels that operate in the Canadian waters and Canadian boat that sail in all waters. The new law is the result of…

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What are the Vessel Registry Fees in Canada?

Purchasing a large recreational vessel like a yacht is certainly a big expense for you, but the joy and pleasure you will get from the time you, your family, and your friends get to spend out on the water. There are always expenses that you will need to consider that go along with purchase, and…

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How Much Is The Fee For Obtaining a Canadian Registry Certificate

Transport Canada issues the Canadian Registry Certificate. All registered vessels will have this certificate. This kind of document contains all the details of the vessel, like the ownership, vessel characteristics, tonnage, construction, type, and material, among others. There are some fees involved in obtaining it. However, the registration offers significant benefits. These would include having a…

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How to Mark Your Vessel Name and Port of Registry

According to Canadian law, if you own a commercial vessel you need to register it with Transport Canada. The laws for pleasure vessels differ slightly, and while you must license your vessel, registration is not a mandatory process you must go through. There are some benefits to registration that may make it appeal to you,…

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Getting Transcripts and Historical Research on a Vessel

When you are first shopping for a large pleasure boat or yacht for yourself, it is likely that you will look at boats for sale from brokers or previous owners. A used vessel can be much cheaper than buying a brand new one will be, and it will still provide you with everything you want…

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What to do for a Small Vessel Register (Commercial) in Canada

Owning and operating a commercial vessel is challenging and hard work. No matter what type of business you may run with your vessel, you need to make sure your boat is always safe and capable of performing the tasks in front of you. Beyond that, you also need to make sure your boat is registered…

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Know What to do When Importing a Vessel into Canada

You finally found the perfect pleasure boat, and it meets all your expectations and needs. You cannot wait to get it for yourself, but the one issue you have is that the boat is in the United States and you are in Canada. Since this is the first time you are purchasing a large vessel…

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Learning How to Import a Vessel into Canada Today

When you are shopping for a pleasure vessel or yacht for yourself in Canada, you may find that there are better options and prices available. Specially, if you buy your boat somewhere in the United States. Whether you buy the vessel new or on the secondary market, you can save some money on the transaction.…

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