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National Vessel Registry Center, Corp. is NOT Transport Canada; we are a third party agency that handles Canadian Vessel Registration processing to Transport Canada.


Canadian Vessel Registry Process

As of this writing, it’s winter in North America. That means cold winds, snow and sleet everywhere, but perhaps particularly in Canada. It’s not a time that most people are focused on their boats. However, this is the perfect time to register your vessel with the Canadian Vessel Registry. That way, when the weather becomes…

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Lost and Abandoned Boat Ownership

Stumbling upon an abandoned boat can be an interesting find. You might have wondered how a person would go about claiming an abandoned vessel. To understand if you’ve actually found an abandoned vessel, it’s good to know the exact definition. “Abandoned vessel” is defined as “a vessel that has been relinquished, left, or given up…

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Our Pleasure Craft Electronic Licensing System

Your pleasure craft should be exactly that: something which brings you great pleasure. There’s nothing quite like taking your pleasure craft out on Canadian waters. Lying out in the summer sun, going through the waves on a warm summer night – that’s just a small piece of the enjoyment a pleasure craft can bring. As…

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Why Using a Canadian 3rd Party Service to Obtain Vessel Documentation is Beneficial

If you’ve recently purchased a new vessel like a yacht or small commercial vessel in Canada you’re probably very excited to take it out for a spin around the bay. If you’re a responsible boat owner you’re also concerned with getting your boat registered as soon as possible. The forms that are available through official…

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Refresher Course to Importing a Boat Trailer Into Canada

Have you been wondering how to go about importing a boat trailer into Canada? An easy solution is to hire a broker and allow them to complete the processes for you. Going about it this way will likely cost you time to find a broker and then the money to pay them. If you wish…

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How Did the CSA 2001 Apply to Large Vessels?

Understanding how the Canada Shipping Act 2001 affects your vessel operation is important. If you never got up to pace with its requirements since it’s installation in 2007 then now is your the time to learn! Below is a dissection of different large vessels and how they are affected by the new regulations: Large Commercial…

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What is the Canada Shipping Act 2001?

Understanding the Canada Shipping Act 2001 can be troublesome when all that can be seen through Google search is confusing legal jargon and article titles. To give a brief explanation of the CSA 2001 is to know its history.  In 2007, the Canada Shipping Act 2001 replaced prior registration. This act serves as principal legislation…

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How to Register A Vessel in Canada

Registering a boat isn’t a difficult process but should be handled with care and attention to detail. We know the joys of the open water but there are definitive legal steps to take before you can be out there enjoying the breeze and blue seas. Registration serves the same purposes as registering a vehicle. It…

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