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National Vessel Registry Center, Corp. is NOT Transport Canada; we are a third party agency that handles Canadian Vessel Registration processing to Transport Canada.


Register or Licence Your Watercraft in Canada from Anywhere

For many of us, preparation is important. Having a plan makes it easier to get everything done that you want to in the course of a day. Sure, things change, and it is always easy to get everything done that you want to get done, but planning ahead can make things just a little bit…

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Alberta Boat Licence for You (Or Wherever In Canada You May Be)

“Can you help me get my Alberta boat licence?” is one version of a question that we get quite often. Sure, maybe they don’t always specify “Alberta,” but the sentiment is the same. They want us to be able to help them to get the right licensing for their vessels. Sometimes we even answer that…

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Is Transport Canada Marine Registration Necessary?

As a new boat owner, you may not be familiar with all the rules and regulations that go along with ownership. There are regulations you must follow that go beyond what you can and cannot do when you are on the water in addition to safety regulations you are expected to follow. In Canada, there…

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Get a Transport Canada Pleasure Craft License

The time may be right for you to take the plunge and buy that recreational boat you have always wanted. You know that you, your family, and friends would all enjoy spending time on the lakes and rivers throughout the year. Think of all the fun you would have fishing, water skiing, travelling to new…

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Transport Canada and Boat Registration

Having a commercial boat can be an important part of your business, especially if it is a centrepiece to what you do for a living. Commercial fishing boats, transportation vessels, river rafts, charter boats, cargo ships, and others all rely heavily on the operation of their vehicles to make their companies run. Whenever you are…

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How to Apply for a Transport Canada Boat License

Boat ownership is truly a wonderful thing. When you possess a recreational boat, you can head out onto the lakes and rivers when you want to enjoy the surroundings, go fishing, explore new areas, or just relax on the water. Of course, with boat ownership comes responsibility, and that responsibility does go beyond maintaining your…

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Assisting with Service Canada Change of Address and Others

There are so many different functions and actions that are part of owning a vessel, many of which are fun and exciting: taking the boat out on the water, washing the boat, going through a day of work on it (if it’s non-commercial), or using it for recreation with friends and family. Filling out vessel…

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The Documentation for Boats Alberta Deserves

The point of an online vessel documentation site is that you’re able to get all of the forms you need no matter where you might be. It shouldn’t matter if you’re in Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec, or anywhere else. Our online site makes it so that you don’t have to worry about the mail or other…

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