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National Vessel Registry Center, Corp. is NOT Transport Canada; we are a third party agency that handles Canadian Vessel Registration processing to Transport Canada.


Why Your Boat Needs a Canadian Vessel Registry Certificate

You are the new owner of a boat, and want to take it out in the water as soon as possible. While you could sail it around Canadian waters without any problem, you may find that you want to move between Canadian and International waters. You might even want to go to foreign shores, enjoying…

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The Solution To Transport Canada Boat Registration

When you buy a boat for use in Canadian waters, the most important thing that you have to do is to make sure that it is registered with Transport Canada. There are two main types of vessel registration, and you have to be certain that you have chosen the right one before you start your…

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Vessel License Requirements for Different Types of Boats

When you first invest in a brand new vessel, you may have a certain idea in mind of what it will be used for. You may have purchased a yacht or luxury vessel in order to take your friends and family to the Islands or even further afield. You might have bought a small tug…

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Make Your Application For New Registry Easier With Us

You have decided that you want to invest in a luxury yacht, and are planning to spend your weekends sailing Canada’s waters with your family. After you have invested heavily in one of these vessels, you need to make sure that you have applied for registration with Transport Canada. This might be the last thing…

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Protect Your Investment With A Small Vessel Register (Commercial)

Working with shipping can be one way to make a fortune, and is also something that is more complicated now than in the days of the big shipping tycoons. If you want to start a business that involves using a boat in Canadian waters, then you will have to comply with the regulations, including registration…

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Protect Your Boat with a Canadian Registry Certificate

You have taken out a vessel mortgage which will allow you to buy the pleasure cruiser you have always wanted. You have been filling in forms all day, and now only want to take possession of your dream boat and start sailing it in Canadian waters. However, before you take that final step, your mortgage…

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Tips To Importing A New Vessel Into Canada

So you are the proud owner of a new boat – the only downside is that it is not yet in Canadian waters. If you are completely new to boat owning, then we would probably recommend that you use a third-party to help you organize the entire process, and get the paperwork ready to complete…

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Form 18 Application for Bareboat Charter Registry

You can find Form 18 application for bareboat charter registry at our site. It’s just one of the many forms we offer that you can fill out easily online. Then, it’s easily sent in to the proper authorities. You don’t have to worry about anything getting lost in the mail or misplaced. Our secure servers…

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