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National Vessel Registry Center, Corp. is NOT Transport Canada; we are a third party agency that handles Canadian Vessel Registration processing to Transport Canada.


Transport Canada Vessel Registration and Winter Safety Boating Tips

In the past, we’ve mentioned what to do if you’re considering going out boating in cold weather. Winter boat rides can be some of the best boat rides, as you’ll take in a kind of beauty that you won’t be able to see any other time of year. However, for many boaters, they go out…

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Watercraft Licence in Canada No Matter How You’re Using Your Vessel

There are so many different things you can do with a boat in Canada. You could take it all around your local lake, bay, or even ocean area, enjoying everything to your heart’s content. Alternatively, you could decide that you want to use your vessel to make some money. You could maybe make some alterations…

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Licence to Boat How You Want When You Want

Buying a boat comes with a rush of adrenaline: the freedom to be able to take your vessel out whenever you want in whatever manner you want. This is true whether you’re getting your own pleasure craft for the first time, or if you just bought another enormous commercial vessel to add to your fleet.…

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Transport Canada Access for Regular People

Transport Canada has a vast array of responsibilities. If you go through their site, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by how much they have to do on any given day. As a result of all of those tasks and agendas, it’s not always easy to get them to do what you want them to do.…

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Transporting Your Documents Through the Doors of Transport Canada

In a perfect world, dealing with Transport Canada would be simple and easy. You would simply type up your documents, press a button, and they’d be taken care of. You wouldn’t have to worry about whether or not the forms are filled out properly, or if the authorities are going to give you the forms…

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Keeping Your Pleasure Craft Licence in Canada Afloat

Canadian vessel documentation can be complicated. Often, we have vessel owners call us and say something like: “I need to get my registration renewed.” It’s only after talking to them for a bit do we realize that when they say “registration,” they actually mean “licence.” Yes, they are two separate, wholly different things. Luckily, at…

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Multiple Ways to Get a Licence to Boat in Canada

“Licence to boat.” Just reading the phrase can be enough to send your imagination aflame. Being able to go out on your own, on your vessel, legally and how you want: it’s a powerful, intoxicating kind of freedom. However, to get to that freedom, you have to go through so much. You have to find…

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Service Canada Change of Address as well as Other Forms

Change in life is inevitable. We all make plans on what we think or hope will happen, but sometimes, life throws us a proverbial curveball. Maybe you had planned on staying at your home for the rest of your life, but when an opportunity came up, you couldn’t pass it by. Or, perhaps you were…

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