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National Vessel Registry Center, Corp. is NOT Transport Canada; we are a third party agency that handles Canadian Vessel Registration processing to Transport Canada.


Safe on the Water: Tips from our Boat Registration Site

As of this writing, it’s July. This is the prime boating season. Even here in Canada (an area not necessarily renowned for having the warmest climate) the beaches and waterways are open and clear. If you’ve been thinking about getting out on a boat, this is the time to do it. Before you know it,…

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Certification for Vessels in Canada and Beyond

Certification for vessels in Canada doesn’t just mean that you have to stay in Canada. After all, those are some of the biggest reasons that people get their vessels registered: so that they can travel. Instead of being tied to one place, you’re able to roam, with all of the advantages and benefits that registration…

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Beyond the Vessel Registry Fees: Getting Registration Faster

We know what it’s like to own and operate a vessel. At the end of the day, there’s really nothing inexpensive about operating a vessel. When you take everything into account: gas, maintenance, purchasing the vessel, storing it, keeping it up and more, the price tag is quite high. That’s why we do everything we…

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Some Great Gift Ideas for Boat Lovers

Shopping for presents for people that love the outdoors is never an easy thing, but when the person you need a gift for is a boater, things can get even more challenging for you. Those that love sports like fishing, camping, or hunting at least give you the opportunity to go to your local sporting…

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The Requirements of Transport Canada and Vessel Registration

If boat ownership has always been a goal of yours, you have probably been saving for years, waiting for just the right moment and the right ship to come up for sale before you are ready to dive in and make a purchase. Buying a boat of any size and for any purpose is a…

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Update PCL Application and Other Procedures Simply

A pleasure craft license is, quite literally, a license to have fun. There are so many wonderful activities you can do on a pleasure craft. You can have the entire family out for fun on the water. You could bring out some friends for a party everyone will remember. Taking your kids out on a…

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How the Ship Registry in Canada Works

Without the ship registry in Canada, owning a vessel would be significantly more difficult. It would be practically impossible to keep track of who owned what vessel. There would be hundreds (if not more) vessels with the same name.  Also, it might also be impossible to get some kind of ship’s mortgage or to use…

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Vessel Licence Requirements and Recommendations

The first moment when you realize that your vessel is truly yours is amazing. All of that work, all of that saving up of money, and all the time you spent trying to find the right one – it all comes together in a tremendous moment of accomplishment. It’s OK to bask in it. Once…

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