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National Vessel Registry Center, Corp. is NOT Transport Canada; we are a third party agency that handles Canadian Vessel Registration processing to Transport Canada.


How to Access a Pleasure Craft License Online

Boat ownership is a wonderful thing and is something that not everyone will get the opportunity to enjoy. If you are lucky enough to own a larger boat that you can use for your personal enjoyment, you will get the chance to experience life on the water in a fantastic way. When you own a…

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What You Need for Form 9 – Application for Provisional Certificate of Registry

Boat ownership can bring about many different situations for you. While many of them can be great for you, there are some that may seem like they can cause something of a headache and anxiety for you. Getting your vessel for the first time can cause you stress, particularly if you need to wait out…

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Filling Out a Large Vessel Registration Payment Form

Depending on the type of vessel you own in Canada can determine if you need to get your vessel registered or not. While there is no requirement for any pleasure vessel to become part of the registry, many owners of larger vessels like yachts do prefer to be part of the registry. Registering makes your…

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Use Vessel Registration Query System

We live in the information age today, and the more information you have about anything can help you to make a better decision about what you want to do. Information can be critical to you when you are making a big purchase like buying a yacht. You want to make sure you are investing your…

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The importance of Form 6 ‐ Bill of Sale When Purchasing a Vessel

There are a lot of details involved when buying and selling a vessel. Some of these details are unnoticed and may delay the transactions. The security restrictions have brought in more requirements that need to be fulfilled. There is more information that you need to fill up such as a Form 6 ‐ Bill of…

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Important Information about Your Canadian Vessel Documentation

When everything is in place such as the agreed price,  your Canadian Vessel Documentation will be needed. A Canadian official number is provided to a vessel once you apply for documentation. The boat will be marked with its official number, name, and hailing port when the ship documentation is issued. The official number remains with the…

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Certify Your Vessel with the Top Canadian Vessel Registry

Certifying your vessel The inspection and certification of the vessels are done regularly. If you have a vessel, you have to get it certified. All small commercial and large vessels must be certified by the top Canadian Vessel Registry which is under the Transport Canada. This applies to all the small vessels that carry more…

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Knowing about Vessel Registry

There is a genuine relief after acquiring a vessel. However, you need to complete the registration process because this is a requirement by law. The vessel that has been bought or brought, it is your responsibility to complete the registration with the registry vessel. This is done for different purposes including security reasons. The registration process…

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