Licensing a Boat in Ontario: Get the Facts

Licensing a Boat in Ontario

All across Canada, springtime is in the air. Before you know it, boats will be heading down to the landing, dropping into the water, and making waves. If you are thinking about joining the illustrious ranks of Canadian boat owners, this is likely cause for excitement. After months or even years of saving, you are finally in a position to pull the trigger on a vessel purchase. Of course, this sort of large investment typically comes after a fair amount of due diligence has been completed. For instance, you need to get to know the different types of boats available, and peruse online and print listings to find a seller near you. Once you have finalized the deal on your new boat, you will also need to obtain the proper Transport Canada vessel documentation. Read on to learn more about the process of licensing a boat in Ontario, as well as how you can do it online with our help.

When it comes to places like boats, it is hard to beat Canada. The province of Ontario, in particular, is something of a haven for boaters from all over. The reason for this is that Ontario is home to more than a quarter of a million lakes. In total, this province holds nearly one-fifth of the entire world’s freshwater supply. With that in mind, you will have no shortage of bodies of water to explore in Ontario with your new boat. Before you can untie from the dock, though, you are going to need to make sure that your boat carries the proper license or registration. By learning how you can obtain this document online, you can spend less time on paperwork and more time out on the water with your new boat.

Licensing a Boat in Ontario: Where to Start?

So, you have bought yourself a new boat and you are eager to get out on the lake with your friends and family. First, though, you may need to obtain what is called a boat license, or more specifically, a pleasure craft license (PCL). In Canada, any motorized vessel with an engine of 10 horsepower (7.5 kW) or more will require a PCL. When a PCL is issued, your vessel will be assigned a registration number that must be affixed to your boat’s exterior, on both sides of its bow, in letters of at least three inches in height. A PCL is valid for a period of ten years, and it can be transferred in the event that a boat changes ownership.

To get your PCL, you can complete an online application using our web forms. You will need to provide some basic information about yourself as well as your boat. Additionally, you can use our SSL-encrypted web portal to upload your bill of sale and a photograph of your vessel to complete the application process.

Licensing a Boat in Ontario

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