Where to Get Your Transport Canada Pleasure Craft License

Transport Canada Pleasure Craft License

As we all gear up for another beautiful Canadian boating season, you are going to want to make sure that you have everything you need to make some waves and memories this year. First, it is probably a good idea to give your boat a good cleaning so it’s shiny and ready for the year. Next, it is always wise to ensure that you are current on your maintenance–also, you should check your engine’s oil and gas levels. Before you load up the cooler with beverages and snacks, you may also want to make sure that your vessel has all of its necessary paperwork on board. If you have a vessel that legally requires a Transport Canada Pleasure Craft License (PCL), you are going to want to send in an application as soon as possible. While this may seem like something of a bureaucratic hassle, the good news is that by using our web forms, you can take care of this process online in just minutes.

Chances are, when you bought your boat, you did so with the idea of freedom and leisure in mind. You probably did not get into boating for the prospect of completing paperwork. Still, owning a boat–especially a motorized vessel–is a considerable responsibility, so it makes sense that some form of documentation with the Canadian government would occur. Transport Canada is our country’s primary marine transportation agency, and during your time as a boat owner, you may need to work with them on occasion. Whether you need a PCL, a vessel registration, or any other form of documentation, we can help you get what you need online.

What Is a Transport Canada Pleasure Craft License?

A pleasure craft license, which is often called a “boat license,” documents your boat with Transport Canada. When you obtain a PCL, you are assigned a registration number, which is an alphanumeric string of digits that should be displayed on your vessel’s exterior (both sides of the bow), in characters of at least three inches in height. PCLs are valid for 10 years, and they are required for any boat that has an engine of 7.5 kW (10 horsepower) or more. Though they sound similar, a “boat license” should not be confused with a “boating license,” which is also called a pleasure craft operator card (PCOC). You can think of a PCOC as a sort of driver’s license, but for operating a motorized vessel. 

To get your PCL, you can click on the appropriate form in our navigation menu. By completing this fillable document, and uploading a bill of sale and a full-size photograph of your vessel, you can apply for your PCL online.

Transport Canada Pleasure Craft License

PCLs, Registrations, and More

At the National Vessel Registry Center, we have all the Transport Canada forms you need on one convenient website. To learn more about the services that we offer to Canadian boat owners, take a minute to explore our navigation menu, or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.