The Differences of Recreational and Commercial Boat License in Canada

commercial boat license in Canada

Getting your boat documentation with Transport Canada can be quite a complicated process if you don’t have the proper guidance. Pleasure craft owners wonder if they have to register their boat and operators ask if they need to get a commercial boat license in Canada. Who can answer these questions? Well, us. Our team is here to guide you through just about any process related to your boating documentation.

Commercial Boat License in Canada

So, there is more or less a commonplace understanding among potential boat-owners that it is necessary to register a boat in order to use it in accordance with regulations and Transport Canada’s rules. Now, this is technically true, but there are certain differences that will be implemented when it comes to commercial and recreational vessels. Some will require a license while others will call for registration. These are different processes. Let’s take a look at the particular details of these situations and what you will need to do as part of these processes.

Pleasure Craft License in Canada

In accordance with Transport Canada’s boating documentation guidelines, a pleasure craft license is the document that grants the boat in question with a unique identifying number. This allows you to have a distinct number attached to your vessel in order to properly identify it in situations such as searches and rescues, and qualifying personnel will be able to find and access relevant information in a quick and prompt manner. Additionally, the license will also provide you, the owner of the vessel, with a certified document that makes your ownership and operation of the boat official. This will be a key step in the process for those seeking to use their recreational boat according to the regulations in place. 

Commercial Boat License in Canada

It’s a common misconception to think that because you need a license in order to use your pleasure craft, you also need one for commercial boats. This would make sense, but the process to get a commercial boat license in Canada is actually slightly different. Commercial boats will need to go through a slightly different process, which is that of registration. After all, if your vessel is going to operate commercially there are going to be different requirements and regulations that it will have to meet. The registration process will involve a variety of different boat-specific documents and another application altogether. Now, this process doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it can actually be quite simple with the right help. That’s what we at the National Vessel Registry Center 

Meet all Your Boat Documentation Needs

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