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Vessel Registry for Transport Canada

We are experiencing tough times when it comes to sensitive information on the internet. Nowadays, many sites we do not really know have access to our data or, even worse, known sites are exposed to information leaks due to hackers. So if you are thinking about having your Vessel Registry for Transport Canada, why don’t you do it on our SSL Encrypted site?

Boat Registration – What You Need To Know

Summer is just around the corner and once again it is always thoughtful to make sure that all of your documents are in place. If you have been scrolling through our site and got to this article, by this point you probably know what the difference between a vessel registry and a vessel license is or what the steps are when getting a boat.

If you have come this far, what you are probably wondering by now is how to proceed with your Vessel Registry in a secure and unleakable way, and you have come to the right place. In this article we will guide you through the process and to answer some of the most common questions about boat registration.

When Do I Need To Register My Vessel?

The first question you probably need to answer when it comes to boat registration is simply that: when do I NEED to do it. On this particular case, the answer is pretty simple: there are three instances in which the Vessel Registry for Transport Canada is compulsory:

  • If you are going to navigate internationally
  • If you want a reserved name
  • If you will have a marine mortgage
  • If you navigate your vessel commercially, it has a gross tonnage of 15 or more and a motor of 10 horsepower or more.

When Navigating Internationally

If your plan is to travel abroad with your boat Transport Canada requires you to have your vessel registered. It does have some advantages: you can now fly a canadian flag and it also proves that you are the legal owner of the boat

When Reserving a Name

Another reason for registering your vessel might be that you want to give the boat a name. The name of the boat would serve the same purpose as the boat license, which is to identify itself. Bear in mind that, when submitting the form, you should propose three different names, but only one of them is going to be accepted.

When You Will Have a Marine Mortgage

On some occasions you might one to use your boat as a mortgage. According to Transport Canada, if you own a registered vessel or a share in a registered vessel, you can use it as security for a loan or other valuable consideration.

When Operating a Vessel Commercially 

Supposing that the use you give to your vessel is commercial its registration it is going to depend on:

  • Power of the motor.
  • Gross tonnage.

If the engine’s power surpasses 10 HP and the gross tonnage is more than 15, then it needs to be registered in the Canadian Register of Vessels. If it is less than 15, you can register it in the Small Vessel Register.

On the other hand, if the motor uses less than 10 HP, the registration type is going to be up to the model of vessel and the number of passengers it carries.

What Do I Need To Register My Vessel?

  • Fill up this form
  • Pay a registration fee
  • Provide a proof of ownership (normally a bill of sale)
  • Have the boat tonnage measured. Here is how.

Vessel Registry for Transport Canada

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