What is the Difference Between a Licence and Registration?

difference between a licence and registration

When you own a boat in Canada, whether you have purchased it brand new from a dealership or bought one on the secondary market from a broker or private seller, there are regulations that you need to follow so that you can legally put the boat in the water. There are regulations set forth by Transport Canada, the government department in charge of regulating vessels both commercial and recreational that you need to adhere to so you can get the proper documentation for your boat. In Canada, there are licences available, and there are registry certificates available, and there are differences between the two that you need to note. When you ask what is the difference between a licence and registration, you will see that each has different requirements attached to them.

Getting a Licence for Your Vessel

Any pleasure craft in Canada needs to get a licence, unless you opt to go through the governmental process for registration or your vessel uses a motor that is less than ten horsepower. Also, if you recently purchased the vessel, you are granted a ninety-day grace period before you need a licence, but you still must maintain documentation on the vessel that shows you maintain ownership of the craft. There is no fee to get a licence from Transport Canada, and there are forms you need to file with the agency so that you can obtain your licence.

difference between a licence and registration

Getting a Registration for Your Vessel

There are cases where you may want or need to get a registry certificate for your vessel instead, and this will help to spell out to you what is the difference between a licence and registration. With registration, you need to obtain registration if your vessel is used for commercial purposes or if you have a marine mortgage on the vessel. Also, there are fees associated with registering your vessel so that you can become part of the government registry. Registration also requires that your vessel bear exterior and interior markings to denote the name of the vessel, the port of registry, the registry number and the tonnage of your vessel.

Help with a Licence or Registration

Know that you know what is the difference between a licence and registration if you need assistance with filing either process with Transport Canada, here at Canadian Vessel Registry Center Corp. we can help you. Our agency can assist you with making sure your forms are filled out correctly, and you provide the right documentation, so the process goes smoothly for you. You can make use of the online forms on our site to do everything quickly so that you can get your licence or registration without a hassle.