Shipping a Boat from USA to Canada: Costs & Other Details

shipping a boat from USA to Canada

It can take quite (and distance) a while to find the boat of your dreams. If you bought your ship right across the border down south, learn all about shipping a boat from USA to Canada safely and securely. It will save you time and worries, and will also help to protect your vessel.

Occasionally, sailing with your newly-acquired vessel through international waters may not be that easy. Canada and the United States both have a big territory, the states where you want to depart and arrive to might be too far away from each other, and the boat’s fuel tank may not be big enough for that kind of journey. Get to know the alternative options you have!

shipping a boat from USA to Canada

Different Ways Of Shipping

There are different methods of shipping a boat from USA to Canada. The chosen one may depend on the boat’s conditions such as weight and height. Read on to see which may you require:

  • Roll-On /Roll-Off – The boat is secured to a trailer and wheeled onto the transport carrier of choice where it is secured for its travels to Canada. After reaching its destination, the boat is wheeled off the carrier still attached to the trailer. Remove or lower booms, antennas, and radar towers as reducing overall height will reduce costs significantly.
  • Enclosed container: Most large shipping vessels carry these containers. It is also the safest form of transportation as it protects your ship from outdoor weather inclemencies during its trip. The boat along with any trailer cannot exceed 8ft wide or 8ft tall, which is the standard container measure.
  • Overland transport: Your boat is transported between the US and Canadian border by truck. This is a very popular service among boat transport customers. It is also one of the cheapest shipping methods.
  • Flat Rack: Typically used for oversized boats. A boat is shipped in its own custom cradle, strapped into the flat rack, and secured to the vessel. It is highly recommended that items such as arches or the bridge be removed and safely secured.
  • Submersion: Your boat is loaded and unloaded directly from the water.

Costs For Shipping

Shipping a boat from USA to Canada can prove to be pretty expensive. Prices can vary widely, depending on from which spot in the United States to which area of Canada you want to ship the vessel. There is no specific fee for transport. An estimated fee could go from $200 if shipping from Seattle to Vancouver, or $6000 if shipping from Portland to Quebec City.

You should take into account several considerations for the price you could be charged for. Measurements such as overall length, height, and beam size define the method used for transport. The weight is important as well, so you should consider removing any heavy equipment from it before shipping.

Need Documentation Done? We Can Help

If you are shipping a boat from USA to Canada, then you might be required to comply with certain paperwork. You can find everything you need on our website.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. The National Vessel Registry Center can provide you with all you need.