Registering a Boat in Canada for the First Time: Forms, Fees, & More

registering a boat

Have you found the ship you were looking for after so many years? It sure feels good to buy a boat that may join you for a long time. Registering a boat is important so you can comply with Canadian authorities and get waterborne as soon as possible.

You must carry your vessel’s documentation at all times in case the Coast Guard requires it from you. Applying for the proper paperwork will prove you are a responsible boat owner and will also keep your mind at ease.

registering a boat

Registering A Boat: What Is the Process All About?

Boat registration applies for all non-pleasure commercial vessels powered by an engine of 7.5kw (10 horsepower) or more. Before getting started, you should know there are two types of registrations: small vessel and Canadian registration of vessel. What mainly defines the documentation you require for registering a boat intended for commercial purposes is gross tonnage. If it is under 15, you must apply for a small vessel. If it is over 15, apply for Canadian registration of vessel.

Dealing directly with federal authorities to register your boat can be confusing and lengthy. You may have seen all the forms you need to fill and the fees required to achieve registration. Registering a boat for the first time can be the most overwhelming part of it all if you are not familiar with vessel paperwork. But don’t worry, boat documentation no longer has to be a hassle.

All The Forms In The Same Place

Whether it is small vessel registration or Canadian registration of vessel, we provide everything you might need. At the National Vessel Registry Center, we know how annoying this part of the job gets. After all, you got yourself a boat to sail, not to exchange information with government organisms. That’s what got us creating this website in the first place: to make things easier.

You can find the right forms just by looking at the tabs on the upper side of the main page. Canadian registration of the vessel has a cost of $525, while small vessel registration has a cost of $250. If there is any missing information or mistake in the forms don’t worry, we’ll keep in touch with you and let you know about any details before referring the form to Transport Canada.

Apply For Registration Safely And Easily

Registering a boat is now easier than ever. No more wasting hours looking for forms and sending papers by mail. Our three-step secure online application process is the fastest and safest way to get your boat documentation.