Pleasure Craft Transfer of License Explained Step by Step

pleasure craft transfer of license

What happens right after you buy a previously owned ship from someone else? To operate it correctly, you need to apply for a pleasure craft transfer of license. That way, the numbers shown on the boat will figure under your name and you will comply with the requirements of Canadian authorities.

Buying and selling boats in Canada is a common activity, as there is plenty of lakes, rivers, and exits to both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. This makes the whole country ideal for maritime purposes such as sailing for the weekend, family rides, fishing, and even living. Whatever activity you choose to engage in, you must get your paperwork done.

pleasure craft transfer of license

Requirements For The License Transfer

According to Transport Canada, there is some specific documentation you must provide to get the transfer done. Below you will find the complete list for them. Keep in mind that failing to have one of them could result in your form being rejected. Try to gather everything before you even think about getting your boat on the water.

  • The proof of ownership or bill of sale document
  • A signed copy of a valid piece of government-issued identification from each owner whose name is to appear on the pleasure craft license
  • A current full side-view photograph of the boat is to be licensed. The picture must show good lightning conditions, the whole boat must be seen and it mustn’t be obstructed by other vessels.

As the new owner, you have the responsibility to apply for the transfer of license and fill out the form. The seller/previous owner just needs to keep a copy of the bill of sale that shows that the boat was sold as it is. 

If the seller can’t prove the ship’s ownership, he can be required by law to take a declaration sworn under oath stating the facts behind why he can not produce proof of ownership or bill of sale.

Filling The Form With The Required Information

Start by looking for the ‘License Forms’ tab in the upper part of the website below the logo, and then click on the ‘Transfer Of Pleasure Craft License’ option to reach the proper application form you will need for the process.

The most important data here is the license number. It is the one that is shown in the boat, it is unique and it also helps law enforcement, as well as search and rescue officials,  to trace a pleasure craft that got lost or stolen.

The form itself is quite easy to follow. Pay attention to the details. If you happen to have a mistake or a typo, don’t worry. We will get back to you so you can correct it before we deliver the form to Transport Canada.

Getting Your Documentation Has Never Been Easier

Dealing with your boat’s papers can be pretty annoying. You have to look for the forms, meet the requirements, read everything carefully. On top of it all, most websites use technical language that is not precisely friendly for everyone. Sounds tiresome, but it doesn’t have to be.

The National Vessel Registry Center is designed to be easy for interaction, and it supports mobile phones as well. You could even fill out the form from your boat without the need of heading to a computer. Why spend your day looking for forms and struggling with the internet when you have everything you need in the same place?

If you have any questions on how to apply for the pleasure craft transfer of license, contact us and we’ll get back to you in no time.