Pleasure Craft License Application & Everything You Need to Submit

pleasure craft license application

One of the most common procedures when it comes to boating documentation with Transport Canada will be the pleasure craft license application. You will need to submit this when you have a pleasure craft that you don’t have to register for. This is a fairly easy process, but it can get a bit complicated if you’re not entirely sure what you need from the start. Let’s go over everything you will need to provide as part of the application so that you can submit it without any issue.

Pleasure Craft License Application

Since this license will be under your name (or the owner’s, if you are acting on their behalf), it will be important for you to provide your information as part of the pleasure craft license application. Don’t worry, it’s not a lot. You simply need to submit your name, your contact information, and your date of birth. Along with this, you will also have to include the address under which you are licensing the pleasure craft. This can be your home or your work address, just make sure that you update it with Transport Canada if at some point you move to a different one.

Proof of Ownership

In order to receive a pleasure craft license, it will be necessary to provide proof of your ownership over the vessel in question. After all, this license will be used in the future as yet another way to show your ownership over the boat. What you need to do is present as part of your pleasure craft license application a bill of sale or a certificate of ownership to make sure the boat is officially under your name. If you have any questions about how to properly format and submit your bill of sale, you can find a guide right here on our website. This way you can avoid having any trouble with this step in the process.

Information About the Vessel

The pleasure craft license you’re getting for your boat will from now on be tied to it, which means that the application will involve providing all the relevant identifying information about the vessel. After all, where the boat change owners, the license you’re getting for it will move along with it to its next owner via a transfer application. What kind of information will you have to provide as part of the application? Mostly just the relevant information about its dimensions, its tonnage, and its intended use. Don’t worry, most of the information you will need should be included in the papers given to you by the manufacturer when you purchased the boat.

Submit Your Pleasure Craft License Application

If you are ready to submit your pleasure craft license application, you can easily do so here on our platform. And, if you are having trouble submitting it, our team here at the National Vessel Registry Center is here to help you with any process relevant to Transport Canada applications. Give us a call at +1 (800) 419-9569, email us at, or fill out the contact form on our website should you need any help.