More than an Alberta Boat License: Safety on the Water 

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Having the right Alberta boat license (or anywhere else that you might take your vessel in Canada) is important. You always want to be in compliance with any and all applicable boating documentation laws. However, boating safety is important, too. After all, while there are terrible consequences to not having the right vessel documentation, it won’t affect your health. Boating safely is important during every season, but perhaps especially so in the autumn months. Follow these tips, use your common sense, and you’ll be able to enjoy your vessel documentation in the fall, winter, spring, and summer, too. 

More than an Alberta Boat License: Safety on the Water

Above and Beyond the Recommended Items 

You can take the “bare minimum” of safety equipment out with you on the water. That means a fire extinguisher, flares, first aid kit, etc. However, if you look at the Canadian Red Cross, they have some great ideas about additional safety items that you can take with you. For example, they recommend a bailer or manual water pump, too. That way, no matter what kind of vessel you have (or what kind of chop you encounter) you have a chance to get excess water out of your vessel. Also, they recommend waterproof matches and a (safely stored) knife. Those are the kinds of safety items that can keep you prepared, come what may. 

Something to Keep in Mind About Personal Flotation Devices 

We all know to have a personal flotation device (life jacket) onboard that fits everyone. They should be easily within reach if not worn at all times. However, something the Red Cross brings up is that the optimum personal flotation device would also include a “grab strap,” particularly for children. This makes sense when you think about it. If someone is struggling in the water, and you need to get their head up or just get them to another place quickly, having a strap that you can pull on is a great asset. This is true for children or anyone else. 

Remember: COVID-19 Hasn’t Gone Away 

If you’re in an area that’s had low numbers of infection, it’s easy to think that the virus has gone away forever. Unfortunately, it has not. While Canada has done a truly great job of stopping the spread, the truth is that it’s still out there. So, when docking in public areas, you want to be careful. That means not anchoring too close to other boats. Make sure to wash your hands after using public docks, pumps, lines, and the like. 

Help with an Alberta Boat License and Everything Else 

The truth is that the more preparations you make for keeping safe on the water, the more fun you can have. Or, if you’re using your vessel for commercial purposes, the more you focus on safety the more successful in business you can be.  For all of your documentation needs, our site is ready to help. You can check out our site or call our pros at (800) 419-9569.