How to Obtain an Alberta Boat Registration

Alberta Boat Registration

If you happen to be an Alberta resident, or if you have a cabin there, you are in one of the best places on Earth to own a boat. With Alberta’s scenic beauty and countless bodies of water, you can use your boat to sightsee or fish to your heart’s content. Of course, buying a boat is a major purchase, and it is not one that is typically made lightly. You are first going to want to get a solid handle on what your budget is, as boats can be expensive–outside of the sticker price, you will want to consider maintenance and docking fees too. Next, you can identify the make and model that is right for you. Whether you are purchasing a brand new boat or something previously owned, you will want to scour print and digital “for sale” listings to locate a buyer. Once you have successfully negotiated a price and the keys to your new vessel are in your hand, you are very nearly ready to leave the shore. First, though, you should check to see if your vessel requires an Alberta boat registration.

In a number of ways, owning a boat is a lot like owning a car. For example, in order to operate certain motorized vessels in Canada, you need to obtain a boating license, which is officially called a pleasure craft operator card (PCOC). A PCOC is issued once you have completed an educational course and passed Transport Canada’s boating competency exam. You may also need to obtain a boat license, which is also called a pleasure craft license (PCL). A PCL is required for any motorized leisure vessel with an engine of 10 horsepower (7.5 kW) or more. Some boats, however, require a vessel registration with Transport Canada. Read on to learn more about this mode of documentation, as well as how you can get yours online.

When Is an Alberta Boat Registration Required?

So, you may be wondering, which types of boats require a vessel registration, as opposed to a PCL? In Canada, any boat that is used for commercial purposes, or travels internationally under the Canadian flag must carry a boat registration. This is also the case for any boat that is financed via a marine mortgage. Registered vessels are issued completely unique monikers of their owners’ choosing, and they are also assigned an official number.

You can get your vessel registration by submitting an application package to Transport Canada. These items should include a Form 1 – Application for Vessel Registration, a Form 3 – Statement of Qualification for Vessel Registration, a bill of sale (for proof of ownership purposes), and photographs of all four sides of your vessel.

Alberta Boat Registration

Using Our Forms

At the National Vessel Registry Center, we have easy-to-fill online forms that you can use to apply for your vessel registration over the web. We also use an SSL-encrypted web portal for the safe transmission of your supplemental materials. To learn more, spend a few minutes on our helpful Frequently Asked Questions page.