Free Boat History Check Available for Vessels in Canada

free boat history check canada

Every boat out on the water has a story to tell. If a boat has had multiple owners and been docked in multiple places, it may encapsulate the memories of many different adventures over the years. While this can add a romantic element to purchasing a previously owned boat, there are some practical matters and pitfalls to consider. If, for example, a boat has been in one or more accidents over the years, it could have underlying structural issues that are not discernable to the naked eye. There is also the possibility that the boat you are eyeing is mired in financial issues and carrying one or more liens. In order to circumvent such issues, you may wish to look into a free boat history check in Canada.

The reasons to buy a previously owned boat are understandable. Even modest, brand new motorized boats can fetch a high price tag. For the affluent as well, it is not uncommon to purchase a yacht that has been owned before. While there can be considerable value in a secondhand boat, it is generally prudent for prospective buyers to do their due diligence before closing on a sale. 

free boat history check canada

Figuring Out Whether or Not a Boat is Registered

In Canada, any vessels with engines featuring horse powers of 10 kW or more must be either licensed or registered. A license, officially called Pleasure Craft License (PCL), generally applies to pleasure craft, as its name would suggest. Vessel registration is required of any boat that is to be used for commercial purposes. Vessels with marine mortgages, or those that fly the Canadian flag on international waters must also be entered into the national registry.

When a vessel is registered, it is issued a completely unique name and identification number. While this allows boat owners to stand out from the other vessels in their marina, it also allows for distinction within Transport Canada’s database. This is especially important when an individual is seeking to learn more about a boat’s history.

Free Boat History Check for Registered Vessels in Canada

If the boat you are thinking about purchasing is registered, this will make learning about its past a breeze. You can peruse the national vessel registry to learn more about the boat’s ownership history dating all the way back to its builders certificate. You can also find out about any lingering liens on the vessel, as well as any reported accidents. You can complete your search with just the name of the registered vessel, as it will be completely unique to that boat.

Get Your Vessel History Online

Are you interested in getting historical research on a registered vessel? The National Vessel Registry Center can help. We are a private service that helps boat owners obtain the documentation they need online. Using our simplified web form, you can submit your research request in just minutes.

Perhaps you need to register a vessel or transfer a PCL? We can help with that too. Take a minute to browse our website–you will see that we offer a wide array of forms for all of your Transport Canada documentation needs. Contact one of our customer service agents today to learn more.