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Pleasure Craft Licence

It’s highly possible that “pleasure craft” is one of the most enjoyable word combinations in the entire world. When put together, these words conjure up pictures of delightful, carefree days spent in the sun and on the lake with the people who are most important to you. However, it is difficult to enjoy even the best times on your pleasure craft if you are anxious or worried about your documents, pleasure craft license, and getting stopped by the authorities. Allow us to assist you in obtaining the appropriate documents (or license) for your vessel so that you can sail on your pleasure craft without worry. For starters, as a new boat owner, you may be unsure if you need to register your vessel. To answer that question, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide for starters and seasoned sailors alike.

All About a Pleasure Craft License (PCL)

A Pleasure Craft Licence is a document issued by Transport Canada that contains a unique license number used to track the boat back to the owner’s boat. For example, if a vessel has the letter “BC” followed by a number (BC12345 is for the province of British Columbia), then the license was formally issued by Transport Canada. A license number beginning with C (e.g., C00000BC) was the license for a commercially owned, small vessel until 2007; those are now registered with the Small Vessel Register at Transport Canada. You must keep a copy of the pleasure craft license with you onboard at all times, and the number must be displayed in block letters on the front of the boat, over the waterline, on either side.

Do I Necessarily Require a PCL?

Transport Canada has a requirement for recreational boats with motors larger than 10 horsepower to have a license, additionally, it requires the number on the hull of the vessel to be displayed. Under the rules in place now, licenses are not needed for boats with less than 9.9 horsepower.

What’s the Difference Between a PCOC and a PCL?

A PCOC, or pleasure craft operator card, is a federally issued certificate of competence given to Canadian boaters after completing a boating safety course and passing Transport Canada’s accredited boating safety test. To obtain a Pleasure Craft Operator Card in Canada, you must register your boat through Transport Canada’s document and boat specification system. Do not confuse Pleasure Craft Permits with the Pleasure Boat Operator Card, which is really the card powerboat operators are required to keep on their boats at all times.

Simply put, the Operator Card (PCOC) is obtained after passing an examination, and the vessel certificate itself (PCL) is obtained after the vessel is registered with Transport Canada. The PCL license is simply a number on the boat that is displayed at the front of the boat and is free. If you are renting the boat for a short time, a PCOC is not required by Transport Canada, though it is recommended.

How Does One Normally Get a PCL?

If your vessel meets the previously mentioned specifications, you may be wondering what steps to take next to obtain the necessary license. Actually, it’s not that complicated. Simply fill the appropriate paperwork with Transport Canada. There are now two options for accomplishing this. Applying for the license directly with Transport Canada is an option, but it’s not without potential pitfalls, like delays and documents being sent back to you. If you take this into account, you may wish to look at other possibilities, such as our processing service. You can get more than just the paperwork you require at the Canadian Vessel Registry Center. Our customer service experts will also facilitate your submission to Transport Canada. In return, they’ll check that everything you’ve submitted is accurate to save you time.

Possible Future Changes

The recreational boating season is largely over, but Transport Canada is floating a plan to expand the number of recreational boats requiring a license, reduce their renewal periods, and introduce user fees for these licenses. A license renewal period and a user fee for these licenses. Transport Canada is also proposing changes to the recreational craft operator competency program, by introducing an accreditation application fee.

 Pleasure Craft Licence

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It’s common knowledge that dealing with government agencies and groups, especially those involved in transportation and permits, can be a major pain. We understand that the process of obtaining a PCL, boating license, or updating your current paperwork can be a major inconvenience. and work hard to alleviate those difficulties wherever possible. The Canadian Vessel Registry Center is constantly finding new ways to make the whole process easier for you. At our portal, you can easily find and fill out all the forms related to your pleasure craft license and other Canadian boating documents. Explore our page for more on this or if you have any inquiries regarding this procedure.