Where to Get Form 1 Application for Registry

Where to Get Form 1  Application for Registry

Boat registration for your pleasure craft is just one of the steps you go through before you can legally put your boat in Canadian waters. Registration is not mandatory for pleasure crafts, but it does provide you with certain benefits when you are part of the national registry of vessels. If you are new to boat ownership and are unsure just where you must start the process, it all begins with getting the right form. Knowing where to get Form 1 Application for Registry is the first step in the registration process for you.

Looking for Form 1

The natural place for you to begin your search is with Transport Canada, the government agency that oversees registration of vessels in the country. You can find the necessary form for registration on their website, and it is available for you to download as a PDF file. The problem is that you must fill out the form offline and then file it by mail with the agency. Using this method can slow down the process for you, and if you make a mistake or forget a document, everything is mailed back to you, and your registration is delayed.

Reading over the Application

It is a good idea for you to take a close look at Form 1 Application for Registry before you start filling it out. Read all the pages of the application so you can see what information is required of you. You will then have time to gather the supporting documents you need for the application beforehand. You can also take a closer look at any areas you may not fully understand so that you can get more information and fill the form out correctly before submitting it.

Better Access to the Application

If you want to know the better way to get to Form 1 Application for Registry, just come to us here at National Vessel Registry Center Corp. We are an outside agency that supplies all the proper forms, including Form 1, on our website so you can fill out and file everything electronically. Fill out the form and submit it, along with your payment and supporting documents, to us. We will take care of the rest for you, sending it on to Transport Canada so you can complete registration. We also have a FAQ page you can visit and find the answers you may be looking for.