The Importance of an Alberta Bill of Sale for Boating: Regulations and Uses

Alberta Bill of Sale

Alberta is a beautiful province in western Canada. It is known for its beautiful mountains, forests, and lakes. Because it has more than 600 lakes, the province is an excellent destination for people who enjoy boating. Boating in Alberta is an incredible experience, but it does come with certain regulations and requirements that boaters need to adhere to in order to protect not only themselves but also the safety of other people who are on the water. A good example and the topic of this post is the Alberta Bill of Sale and its importance in boating.

What Is An Alberta Bill of Sale?

A boating bill of sale is an important document that all boat owners in Canada are required to have. A bill of sale is a legal document that outlines the sale of watercraft from one person to another as well as the transfer of ownership of the watercraft. It is a very important piece of paper that must be shown to get a license for a pleasure craft because it shows proof of ownership.

When buying or selling a boat or any other type of watercraft in the province of Alberta, a bill of sale is obligatory. This includes transactions involving stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes. The names and addresses of the buyer and seller need to be included on the bill of sale, along with the date of the transaction, a description of the boat that includes the brand, model, and serial number, as well as the selling price. In addition, both the buyer and the seller need to sign the bill of sale for it to be valid.


In Canada, boats engaged in commercial activity are required to be registered. It is also required for vessels traveling internationally and those with a marine mortgage. To register your vessel, you must submit an application, a bill of sale, and photographs of all four sides of the vessel.

What Role Does Transport Canada Play?

Transport Canada is in charge of regulating boating in Canadian waters and requires that participants abide by a set of rules. Boats that have a motor with ten horsepower or more are required to be registered with the Canadian Register of Vessels according to regulations set forth by Transport Canada. Registration is proof of ownership, and it also makes sure that the boat is in compliance with all Canadian laws.

An Alberta bill of sale, when you buy a boat, is absolutely necessary in order to successfully transfer ownership of the vessel. The bill of sale needs to contain all of the information that was just gone over, and it needs to have both parties’ signatures on it. When you sell a boat, it is essential that you keep a copy of the bill of sale as proof that the boat was sold and that ownership was transferred to the new owner.

How Can We Be Of Assistance?

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Alberta Bill of Sale


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