Different Instances of a Transport Canada Boat Transfer of Ownership

Transport Canada boat transfer

It’s always very important to make sure that your boat registration with Transport Canada is always up to date and reflective of the actual conditions of the vessel. So, if you are selling the boat to someone else, you are going to need to go through the necessary process to pass the ownership onto someone new. This will entail a Transport Canada boat transfer, but it’s good to remember that this isn’t going to be applicable to any transfer of ownership. Let’s go over the different cases in which you might need to transfer the ownership.

Transport Canada Boat Transfer

Whether you are transferring the registration of your boat to a fellow Canadian citizen or you are exporting and selling the boat to a foreign entity, you will need to go through Transport Canada to make sure the title is updated as necessary. 

Selling Your Boat Within Canada

A Transport Canada boat transfer between Canadian owners is going to be the easiest process. After all, the registration with Transport Canada is not going to change significantly, essentially just switching hands and updating the name on the document. This is very simple given that the registration is tied to the vessel itself and not exactly to the owner. So, if you are selling your boat to a fellow Canadian citizen, resident, or entity, all you will need to do is apply for a Transport Canada transfer of ownership so that the registration is passed along onto the new owner along with all the relevant documents attached to it. This way, the new owner will be able to support their ownership legally going forward.

Exporting the Boat

Now, if you are selling the boat to a foreign person, meaning that they will not be registering the boat with Transport Canada, you will not need to make use of a Transport Canada boat transfer. After all, the new owner will not need that registration anymore. Instead of a transfer, you will have to request the deletion of the registration, an application that you can also find here on our website. It will be very important that you go through this process before fulfilling the sale to the new owner because the vessel will need to be removed from the Canadian registry before it is registered again in a different country. A boat can’t be registered in two countries in most cases, so this will be a very important process to go through.

All the Forms You Need

So, if you need to apply for a transfer of ownership or deletion of such, then it will be very important for you to submit the corresponding forms through the right channels, which you can do through our platform. And, if you are having trouble submitting it, our team here at the National Vessel Registry Center are here to help you with a Transport Canada boat transfer or any process relevant to Transport Canada applications. Give us a call at +1 (800) 419-9569, email us at info@canadianvesselregistry.ca, or fill out the contact form on our website should you need any help.