Conveniently Join or Consult the Canadian Ship Registry

Canadian Ship Registry

If you’ve previously interacted with Transport Canada and their registration systems, you might have heard about the Canadian ship registry. This is where all the information related to registered vessels is stored for reference. It is organized in such a way that the information transcends different owners, making it easy to access information about one specific vessel, even if it has previously been registered under different names. Let’s take a closer look at this registry and how it can be useful to you.

Canadian Ship Registry

All the information that is registered with Transport Canada in relation to privately owned vessels is stored in the registry’s database. Not only does this help them keep track of all the vessels sailing Canadian waters and access contact information in case an owner needs to be reached out to, but it also serves vessel owners. Here’s how you yourself as a vessel owner can join, consult, and interact with this public registry.

Joining the Registry

So, if what you’re looking to do is join the ship registry, you will have to submit the form for initial registration, which we’ve made accessible to you here on our website. Don’t worry, this process doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need to do is provide some basic information about the vessel, mostly manufacturing data, and contact information for the owner. Once you’ve filled out the initial registration form and provided proof of ownership, such as a bill of sale, you can submit it through our platform. Our processing service will make sure that all the information on the application is correct and accurate before passing it along to Transport Canada, therefore keeping you from having to deal with potential delays and rejection.

Consulting the Database

Now, if what you’re looking to do isn’t join the registry but rather consult it, we’ve also got you covered. There is a lot of information stored on the Transport Canada database, and it can come in very handy in a lot of different circumstances. For example, if you need to cross-check information, consult previous ownership documents, or provide proof of the vessel’s financial standing, you can always submit a request for a transcript. This will be a comprehensive history of the documentation associated with the vessel in question, be it related to its different ownerships, its finances, or its history. Just head over to the transcripts option on our menu and fill out the form to request yours.

Canadian Ship Registry

Submit All Transport Canada Forms

It’s common knowledge that engaging with government agencies can often be quite frustrating, especially when it comes to transportation. Registering your vessel or requesting a transcript, for example, can be very inconvenient processes, which is why we make an effort to make them easier for you. Here at the Canadian Vessel Registry Center, you will be able to find all the forms you might need in relation to your vessel. For more information about this process or to ask any questions about it, you can give us a call at +1 (800) 419-9569 or email us at