Abandoned Boats in Ontario: What to Do When You Encounter One

Abandoned Boats in Ontario

Abandoned boats in Ontario can be a challenge for communities, and it is important to understand the proper protocol for dealing with them. These boats can pose safety hazards, as well as environmental risks if they are not handled properly. In this blog, we will discuss what to do with abandoned boats in Ontario, including reporting or claiming one.

A Growing Problem in Ontario

If you are the owner of a vessel, you understand the significance of safety and rules. There will always be people who don’t follow the rules about who can own boats, cars, and other vehicles with motors. What ends up occurring when these boats are abandoned both on land and in the water? From coast to coast, one can see abandoned boats and vessels in fields, storage yards, backyards, and even the water. Read on to learn more about boats that have been left behind and how our services can help you avoid this.

Aside from the legal consequences, leaving a boat behind can also be bad for the environment. Boats can leak fuel and oil, which can contaminate the water and harm wildlife. By properly disposing of a boat, you can help protect the environment and prevent unnecessary harm.

What Does It Mean When a Boat Is Abandoned?

When a boat has been left alone for a certain amount of time, it is considered abandoned. Regardless of whether the boat is in or out of the water, if it has been left unattended for a lengthy period of time, it will be considered abandoned and subject to restrictions and possible fines.

Remember that “abandoned” does not necessarily imply “forever.” The phrase can also be applied to a variety of additional contexts. Even if a person intends to return to their vacation house later this year, it may not be enough to prevent them from being considered as “abandoning” it if they leave it empty for an extended period of time and do not return within six months.

How to Deal With An Abandoned Boat

The first step in dealing with an abandoned boat is to report it to the proper authorities. In Ontario, the responsibility of dealing with abandoned boats falls on the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) and the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG). If you come across an abandoned boat, you can report it to the MTO or CCG, who will then investigate the matter further.

A representative will explain how the procedure works before requesting specific information about the vessel’s position in order to assign a case number. If the vessel looks to be in a state where it can be sold or repaired, the MTO will take the required steps to return it to circulation. If, on the other hand, its condition makes it useless for anything but scrap metal, MTO will likely have to give the job of getting rid of it to a third party with experience getting rid of things in similar situations.

It is important to note that there are different types of abandoned boats, each with its own specific protocol. For example, if the boat is on private property, the property owner is responsible for removing it. If the boat is on public land or water, the MTO and CCG will handle the removal process. Additionally, if the boat is considered a safety hazard, it will be removed immediately.

It is important to note that abandoning a boat is illegal in Ontario. If you are the owner of a boat and no longer wish to keep it, you must dispose of it properly. This can include selling the boat, donating it to a charity, or scrapping it. If you abandon your boat, you may be fined or face other legal consequences.

Salvaging, Acquiring, Or Reporting An Abandoned Vessel

If you have discovered a wreck in, for example, Ontario and wish to import it, salvage it, or report it in any other manner, we are here to help. The Ministry utilizes the following criteria to determine if a vessel has been abandoned:

The lack of evidence indicating that the vessel was active within the previous five years prior to its discovery includes more than six months of inactivity at the mooring spot. (Exceptions may apply in exceptional cases.) In addition, the absence of anyone who appears to have a link with the vessel being boarded.

Transport Canada says, however, that it is illegal to pick up a ship that has been left behind without the right permission. If you visit our website, you’ll find that we’ve included all of the contact information you could require as part of the process.

Abandoned Boats in Ontario

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Despite the fact that abandoned boats in Ontario can be a big source of anxiety, you are not required to take matters into your own hands. If you find an abandoned boat in your neighborhood, please call us or the police so they can help you get it out of the canal. As far as any other forms of registration, you will be able to not only fill out future registration forms online but also send them in using our portal. If you have any questions, feel free to explore our Frequently Asked Questions section.