Working with the Transport Canada Registry

Transport Canada registry

Purchasing and owning a boat is a great privilege, and you do all you can to maintain your vessel so that it is seaworthy and safe. You also want to make sure that you follow all the proper laws and codes as the owner of a Canadian vessel. There are regulations you must follow regarding getting licenses or even registering your vessel. There are different rules that exist for vessel registration and knowing what to do when working with the Transport Canada registry can help make things faster and easier for you.

A Pleasure Vessel and Transport Canada

As the owner of a pleasure vessel, you have the option of registration or just seeking a license from Transport Canada. There are steps you need to follow so that you can register successfully and taking some time to gather the information and have everything together before you start filling out forms or filing can save you from mistakes and having to re-file. You will need to have proof of ownership of the vessel, proof of Canadian citizenship, the tonnage measurement of your vessel, and all the appropriate forms filled out, along with the registration fee.

Transport Canada registry

A Commercial Vessel and Transport Canada

If you own a commercial vessel, it is mandatory for you to work with the Transport Canada registry and register your boat. Just as is the case with a pleasure vessel, there are forms you need to fill out and similar requirements regarding ownership, title, statement of qualification and ship tonnage. If the vessel has multiple owners or is foreign owned, there will be other specific information you will provide so you can get registered.

Dealing with Transport Canada

When filing with the Transport Canada registry, if you make mistakes on your forms the forms are returned to you, delaying the registration process. To make sure your forms are right and you supply the correct information, you want to work with us at National Vessel Registry Center Corp. We are an expert third-party agency that has all the forms you need online, so you can file electronically and then have our experts check it over before sending it on to Transport Canada. If you need to ask any questions please send an email to or use our online contact form.

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