What to Do if You Lose Your Canada Boat Registration or Title?

Boat Registration

You must maintain your vessel’s registration and title up to date if you are the owner of a vessel in Canada. There are a variety of circumstances that might result in the cancellation of your Canada boat registration or title. You could have, for instance, misplaced the paper, lost track of it entirely, or thrown it away without realizing it was there.

Since it is outdated, you may not know what to do with the boat registration or title. Suppose you mistakenly throw away your boat registration or title, and it is still within its validity period. In that case, they will probably be able to replace it for free if it is still within its valid duration. Please keep reading for helpful advice on what steps to take if you misplace your boat’s registration or its title.

Gather All of Your Documents for a Boat Registration

If you lose your Canada boat registration or title in Canada, you could quickly find yourself in a difficult situation. If you are reading this, you may need assistance or information about the current circumstance. Likely, you’ve already attempted to find this information, but you were unsuccessful in locating anything that appeared helpful to you.

This is because, unlike in other countries, Canadian provinces are not required to put their records online, unlike other countries with national databases of boat registrations and titles. Because of this, we need access to a centralized database that we can rely on to locate the information we require.

Contact us at the National Vessel Registry Center.

The next thing to remember is that, unlike the United States, the Canadian government will not interfere with your boat. This implies that selling or otherwise disposing of a boat in Canada does not need to go through formal processes, but in the United States, such action would be required. A bill of sale or other government document is not required so you can skip the extra steps necessary in the United States.

Nonetheless, if you ever find yourself without your Canada boat registration or title, you must act promptly to rectify the situation. We recommend contacting us here at the National Vessel Registry Center. They will be sent to this address if you need help finding the registration or the title. Make sure they aren’t lurking about your property before you give them a call. If they are, please call us so that we can update our records and send out replacement copies.

Follow the Necessary Steps to Replace Your Documentation

The regulations for doing so may vary from province to province and between commercial and private boat owners. Nonetheless, there are a few standard procedures that anybody in Canada may use. If you need to change registration or title, you’ll have to fill out an application, provide evidence of ownership, and pay a fee. It’s preferable to get in touch with the relevant agency as soon as possible, mainly because you’ll likely have to pay the replacement price. To replace anything, you must first learn what needs to be replaced.

The completed application form must be submitted with a reliable proof of ownership document. In certain provinces, you may check off a box on the application form that specifies which forms of identification are acceptable as evidence of ownership. In contrast, in others, you’ll need to provide this information on a separate sheet (either way is acceptable). Make sure you can provide anything relevant to your case.

Boat Registration

Ask About Procedures for Replacing Lost Documents 

The inconvenience of losing your boat’s registration may lead you to downplay the seriousness of the issue. In many jurisdictions, however, registration and titling are legally mandated obligations, making even a brief document gap difficult. Registering a boat is a hassle even if doing so is not required by law where you reside.

Navigating a congested port might be challenging without ownership documentation and a current registration card. You should have these papers renewed as soon as possible if you intend to vacation with your boat shortly. Either option is great, but if you have the time and want to be sure you’re doing everything right and getting the most up-to-date information, calling the National Vessel Registry Center could be a good idea.

To report the loss of your Canada boat registration or title, contact the National Vessel Registry Center at +1 (800) 419-9569 (Canada) today. The professionals at the center can help you make a new boat title or boat registration for your vessel.