What is The Transport Canada Registry?

Transport Canada Registry

If you have been in the boating industry for a while, then you will probably be familiar with the Transport Canada registry. This is a database the government agency generated with the purpose of keeping track of all the commercial vessels navigating Canadian territory. This not only helps the corresponding agencies enforce regulations and guidelines but also to organize the relevant information properly. Let us shed some light on the theme and when you might need it.

What is the Transport Canada Registry

Transport Canada asks every national commercial vessel navigating Canadian waterways to join the ship registry to maintain a thorough and up-to-date record of them. This way, they have relevant information on each vessel, as well as a list of all the registered boats. Details about the previous owners, claims of liens it might have been made, mortgages… Those are just some items of the information boats from the Transport Canada Registry might include. Through their site, you can access the database and the information related to the vessels in it.

You may be asking yourself why someone would choose to be in the registry. That’s a fair question. The truth is, on some occasions, you don’t really have a choice. Let’s find out in the following paragraph.

When do I Need to Register my Boat?

First of all, keep in mind that there are two different types of Transport Canada Registries. The Canadian Register of Vessel and the Small Vessel Register. Basically, you will need to register your boat in either of these institutions in the following instances:

  • if your vessel is used for commercial purposes and is powered by a motor of 7.5 kW or more.
  • Will travel outside of Canada
  • I will have a Marine Mortgage
  • Want to identify your vessel with a name
  • If your vessel is either a barge or a commercial river raft (in both cases at the Small Vessel Register)

Transport Canada Registry

The National Vessel Registry Center can Help You Out

Another fact to take into consideration is that having your boat registered will give it an extra value: if you are considering buying a used vessel, you will find yourself much more secure if you have access to the history of the boat: you can never be too careful. As such, that “security” has a price. The same vessel will have a bigger value if it is on the Transport Canada Registry than if it isn’t.

If you don’t want to be scrolling around the internet, this search can also be conducted at our site. In fact, pretty much every documentation requested by Transport Canada can be obtained at our site, with an added bonus: we offer you the chance to get your paperwork completely online, on our SSL-encrypted platform. The National Vessel Registry Center is a third-party agency that processes any type of documentation for Transport Canada: from pleasure craft licenses to vessel queries. Our experienced staff has been dedicated to the boating industry for years and will know how to assist you. Contact us today so any of the means from our website and get your boat navigating!