What is a Canada Pleasure Craft Operator Card?

Canada Pleasure Craft Operator Card

Whether you like to fish, waterski, or just sightseeing in the beautiful Canadian outdoors, owning a boat can open up a whole new world of leisure activities. When you have the freedom to untie from the dock at just a moment’s notice, you can take to the lake whenever you feel so inclined. It is worth noting, though, that buying and owning a boat can be a lot of work. To get started on your boat ownership journey, you will need to do your research to learn about the different types of vessels on the market. Once you have purchased the boat of your dreams, you will need to regularly perform basic maintenance and keep it clean. You will also want to make sure that you have ample safety supplies for yourself and your passengers. Operating your boat in the safest manner possible should always be a top priority, and that could mean obtaining a Canada pleasure craft operator card (PCOC) to demonstrate that you have a basic competency for captaining your vessel.

A PCOC is just one form of documentation that you may need from Transport Canada during your time as a boat owner. Headquartered in Ottawa with thousands of employees, Transport Canada manages all transportation matters on both land and sea. This includes crafting new rules and regulations for our waters, in addition to maintaining a registry of certain boats. Outside of issuing PCOCs, Transport Canada also provides pleasure craft licenses (PCLs) and vessel registrations to the boat owners that require and request them. To learn more about this documentation, as well as how you can get yours online by working with us, read on.

How to Get a Canada Pleasure Craft Operator Card

When you are new to boating, you have to learn just what goes into safe operation practices. This can be done by working with a more seasoned boater. If you are interested in getting a PCOC, you can also take an educational course that will go over some basic safety practices as they pertain to boating. At the completion of your course, you will then take an exam that is issued by Transport Canada. Provided you pass the test, you will be issued a PCOC, which comes free of charge.

With your PCOC firmly in hand, you can then determine which type of documentation your vessel requires. If you are using your boat for commercial purposes, traveling abroad while flying the Canadian flag, or if your boat is financed with a bank loan, you will need a vessel registration. If your boat is used only for leisure activities and it has an engine of 7.5 kW (10 horsepower) or more, Transport Canada will require that you apply for a pleasure craft license.

Canada Pleasure Craft Operator Card

Apply for Your License Online

Whether your boat calls for a pleasure craft license or a vessel registration, we can help. We have online forms for all of your Transport Canada documentation needs. To learn more about our services, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page today.