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Boat Registration

When you own your own boat, you want to spend as much time as possible at the lake. Who can blame you? If you are like many, the road to boat ownership was a long one. First, you had to assess the marketplace and get to know the various types and models of boats that are available for purchase. That alone may have taken months of research. From there, you had to allocate the necessary funds–and let’s face it: boats are expensive. That process may have necessitated months or even years of saving and budgeting. When you finally have the keys to your new boat in your hands, though, the feeling of ecstasy is hard to match. Since you are probably more than eager to get down to the dock or marina to launch your vessel, it is prudent to learn a bit about how you can apply for boat registration over the web. Well, at the National Vessel Registry Center, we can help.

Boats can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From the modest canoe to the massive luxury yacht, many types of different watercraft take to Canadian lakes and coastlines. Since even basic motorized pleasure crafts can feature powerful engines, they do merit a certain degree of responsibility. Part of being a responsible boat owner is staying on top of your Transport Canada paperwork. As the nation’s go-to transportation agency for all things concerning the infrastructure of our waters, Transport Canada provides licenses and registrations to boat owners across the country. In your years as a boat owner, you can expect to work with this agency on occasion, and working with a private service such as ours can make the process a breeze.

When Do You Need a Boat Registration?

Whether or not your boat requires a registration document will depend on how you plan to use it, as well as how you purchased it. To be a bit more specific, boats that are used for commercial purposes or that will be sailing on international waters must enter the national registry. This is also true whenever a boat is purchased with a loan from a bank, which is often referred to as a marine mortgage. When you register a vessel, you are given an official name for your vessel (of your choosing), which is completely unique. This will serve as your boat’s primary mode of identification. This comes in contrast to the pleasure craft license (PCL), which instead gives your boat a registration number.

To get a boat registration online, simply select the appropriate field from our navigation menu. You will then be brought to a brief series of fillable forms. You can follow our clear and easy prompts to complete these forms with just a few clicks. 

Boat Registration

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