Vessel Canada Safety Tips for Summer

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As we enter the throes of summer, you are undoubtedly ready to get your boat out on the water. With the sun shining overhead, and the wind on your face, these months are the prime season for Canadian boaters. Before you take your Canada vessel out on the lake or river, though, you will want to make sure that you are up on the latest safety practices. By better protecting yourself and your passengers, you can make for a much more enjoyable day on the water. While you may have a basic understanding of safety measures–which is great, as a foundational base of knowledge–it is wise to take a quick refresher from time to time. 

At the National Vessel Registry Center, we understand that safety is a top priority for our customers. By publishing these tips on our blog, we are hopeful that our customers will find some utility in them while also exploring our services. As you likely understand, maintaining current documentation for your vessel is also important to your safety, as it can help in identifying your boat should it become lost. Read on to learn about other safety practices you should know as a boat owner.

Keeping the Proper Supplies on Your Canada Vessel

Before you set off on the water, you should do a proper gear check. For starters, how many life jackets do you have on board? As a rule, you should have at least one for every passenger on your vessel. Additionally, you will want to have a fully stocked first aid kit available. Accidents happen, and should an injury occur on board, your first aid supplies may provide suitable treatment until you arrive back on land.

It is also smart to carry a fire extinguisher on board. There are plenty of flammable materials on a boat, and being able to put out a sudden fire can be the difference between life and death. Other items you should have with you include a flashlight, a mirror, garbage bags, flares, a whistle, and a bucket.

Take a Look at the Forecast

If you have spent any amount of time out on Canadian waterways, you know that the weather can quickly change on a dime. What can start out as a sunny, calm day, can quickly devolve into rough seas? Before you leave the dock, make sure that you check a reliable weather forecast to ensure that it is safe to venture out. 

Make Use of Common Sense

Some safety tips may seem obvious, but they are no less important. Do not overload your boat with too much gear or too many passengers. Travel at a responsible speed, and do not drink and drive on the water. Also, make sure that your Pleasure Craft License (PCL) is current and that your registration number is clearly displayed above the waterline. 

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