Transport Canada Vessel Registration Proposed for 2023

transport canada vessel registration

Despite 2022 having just taken off, there are some big upcoming changes regarding the vessel registry for next year. Transport Canada Vessel Registration is getting updated and renewed, and you may have to step it up to comply with its new requirements. What is that you need to get your documentation updated? Keep on reading to find out all about it.

Before we get deeper into details, keep in mind that these changes will take place in winter 2022. It’s not like every single boat owner out there has to rush and fill forms like there is no tomorrow. You have a whole year to get down to business and get that paperwork done. However, don’t get too relaxed, as time goes by fast and you might be stumbling upon deadlines before you can even realize.

transport canada vessel registration

Reasons For The Upcoming Changes Next Year

You might be wondering why exactly is Transport Canada looking to make these modifications if everything so far has been apparently working great. You are a responsible boat owner, your transport canada vessel registration has nothing wrong with it, you are an honorable Canadian citizen who complies with the law and the authorities. Then what is it that needs to change? What is Transport Canada up to?

The reasons may not be obvious at first, but when you think about them they make a lot of sense. The vessel registry is pretty much outdated, a few things have shown any kind of modification in the last 20 years. Fees, particularly, have mostly stayed the same during that period. Not only that but also information about registered ships has gone old and their current status or location.

Transport Canada is looking forward to changing its registration fees. Why increase the price? For a long time, most of the registration processes have been covered by taxpayers who don’t own nor operate any kind of vessels. The idea is that people who use their services pay a bigger share of the costs. The proposed fees range from $20 to $470.

But it is not all about just increasing the costs of the fees. It is also a way to make accountable boat owners who have abandoned their vessels and left them as wreckage, polluting the water and creating serious danger for Canadian waterways navigation. It will also help first responders in emergencies.

The Proposed Changes For Each Register

Large Register Vessel

First, let’s go over the basics. What vessels are required to be registered in the Large Register Vessel? The ones that:

  • Are for commercial use (fishing/transport/cargo) or government owned
  • Have marine mortgages registered with Transport Canada
  • Are under construction and owners want to temporarily record them in the register

Transport Canada’s renewal process changes are:

  • Require users to proactively renew their registrations
  • Extend the amount of time a registration is valid, from three years to five years
  • Add a fee to renew registrations

Small Register Vessel

Vessels that fall under this register are getting their requirements updated too. A little reminder on which vessels do need this type of registration is the one that:

  • Are not a pleasure craft
  • Have a gross tonnage of 15 or less and are powered by a motor of 7.5 kW (10 horsepower) or more
  • Don’t have a mortgage or approved name with Transport Canada
  • Are a commercial or government-owned vessel, barge, or river raft

Changes For Both Registers

The following will apply for both Small and Large registers:

  • Add fees for some services that are currently free
  • Increase existing fees for some services
  • Maintain a discount for registering groups of vessels and fleets of vessels but increase the fees
  • Adjust fees every year on April 1, based on the Consumer Price Index
  • Update the service standards

Get Ready For What’s New!

At The National Vessel Registry Center we are already taking note of Transport Canada’s modifications arriving next year. When the time comes, you know you can count on us with every single form you may need for your vessel. Further questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.