Transport Canada Pleasure Craft License and So Much More

Transport Canada Pleasure Craft License

Have you just purchased a boat and aren’t sure what the next step is? Do you know that you’re supposed to get some kind of documentation for your vessel, but don’t know if it’s registration, a Transport Canada Pleasure Craft License, or something else? That’s where we come in. Yes, you can come to our site and find all of the documentation that your vessel needs. However, you also have to know what kind of documentation is required or recommended for your vessel. If you aren’t sure, that’s more than OK. We’re always glad to answer your questions. 

Who Needs a Transport Canada Pleasure Craft License? 

Simply put, someone who has a pleasure craft with an engine that’s more than ten horsepower/7.5 kW. For these purposes, a “pleasure craft” is one that’s used for “pleasure, recreation, and daily living.” If that all sounds a little vague to you, think of it as a vessel that’s not at all used for making money. So, you aren’t charging people money to transport them, give them tours of an area, or moving cargo from one location to another. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having some friends and family on your vessel for a party and then one of them gives you some money to pay for supplies. That’s still “recreation” and “pleasure,” so this licensing would be fine. 

OK, Then Who Needs Canadian Vessel Registration? 

The vessels that require it are the ones which are non-pleasure vessels and have an engine of more than ten horsepower. So, these are the boats that are used to make money. Perhaps you’re using it to transport cargo across a body of water or people from one area to another. You do need to get this registration. It may seem like a pain, but dealing with it as quickly as possible can keep you from having to deal with penalties further down the line. This registration has many benefits, which is why folks who could get a Pleasure Craft License sometimes get this instead. It gives title to a vessel, proves legal ownership, and can also be used as security for a loan. You’ll get a unique name for your vessel and yes, you can fly the Canadian flag. 

My Vessel Is Non-Pleasure but Still Small, Can I Still Get it Registered?

Absolutely! That’s what the “Small Vessel Registry Forms” section of our website is for. We know that there are many of you who have non-pleasure vessels that weigh less than 15 gross tons. Remember: to qualify for this, your vessel does have to utilize an engine with ten horsepower or more. Commercial river rafts are covered under this kind of registration, as are many other types of vessels. What we’ve written in this blog is a brief overview, just touching on some of the questions inherent to vessel documentation. If you have more questions or would like someone to walk you through the process, you can call us at (800) 419-9569.