Tips for Pleasure Craft License Renewal in Canada

Pleasure Craft License Renewal

While the Pleasure Craft License renewal application is due before your license expires, renewing your request early is essential. You will have to pay late renewal and interim permit costs, and you may be unable to function if you skip the date. This means that you should prepare ahead of time if there is anything that could affect your ability to get a license, in addition to giving sufficient time for the application procedure itself.

Although this may seem like a daunting task, it is pretty simple. It’s better than you might imagine once you get past the initial hurdle of making the time to do it. Here are some things to keep in mind if you need to refresh your Pleasure Craft License before going out on a sailing excursion this spring:

Keep Your Paperwork Organized

Canadian residents who own sailboats or motor boats designed for use in interior waterways are required to refresh their leisure vessel registration every year. Although Pleasure Craft License renewal is a straightforward procedure, having all the necessary paperwork in one location is helpful.

The registration number should be displayed prominently on the boat. Any recent updates or fixes you’ve made to your watercraft should also be mentioned. It would help if you also had a duplicate of your current marine safety identity card, the boat’s ownership, evidence of insurance, the date it was issued, and details about any accessories that came with the ship (such as the motor). If this is your first time updating your license, you only need the marine safety identity card.

Get Your Pleasure Craft License Renewal Application In On Time

Those unfamiliar with renewing a Canadian pleasure vessel license may find it intimidating; however, knowing what to anticipate and how to prepare for the renewal will make it relatively easy. It would help if you started preparing for the next phase of your license’s tenure approximately fifty percent of the way through the current one.

You are free to immediately start filling out the application if you have the opportunity to do so. Still, if you are preoccupied with other commitments or seasonal activities, it is understandable if you choose to put it off until later. You must submit it on time; however, you may be able to escape paying a late charge if you submit your application after the date on which it was due but before the date on which your license will terminate.

Make Sure All Components Are Included

Check that your application packet has everything listed. If you need more paperwork, call your nearest Canadian Coast Guard station and inquire about what you must bring in. Take one last look at your physical test results: No matter your age or degree of expertise, if you want to run a leisure vessel in Canada, you must first pass a physical examination.

This document is part of the licensure update paperwork you must complete and submit. No matter your age or degree of expertise, if you want to run a leisure vessel in Canada, you must first pass a physical examination. This document is part of the licensure update paperwork you must complete and submit. It would help to examine your log for any new equipment (sails, motors, etc.) that may not yet be on your yacht, such as the identification number.

Pleasure Craft License Renewal

Stay within the Required Specifications for Size, Weight, and Passenger Capacity

Next, your watercraft must conform to all legal requirements for length, width, and maximum capacity. A few crew members must be on hand if you intend to run a boat longer than 12 meters (about 39 feet); this number varies depending on whether or not you intend to operate a business craft and what you intend to do with your boat. A sailboat under 12 meters (39 feet) in length must also be excluded from classification society regulations for it to be operated.

Assuming your vehicle fits the above criteria, the next stage is to get your papers in order. A Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCC) is required for the lawful operation of a pleasure craft. When you update your leisure boat registration with Transport Canada, you’ll receive this certificate as proof that you’re authorized to sail a recreational watercraft up to 12 meters long.

You may be wondering what documentation you’ll need to provide for your Pleasure Craft License renewal. If you’d like more information on what’s required, chat with someone from the National Vessel Registry Center today.