The Cost of Registering a Boat in Canada & Other Information

registering a boat in Canada

After you acquire a boat, you have to get the right paperwork done before you tow it or lower it into the water. Registering a boat in Canada might sound tiresome, but it doesn’t have to be so. As a responsible boat owner, you should know that signing a bill of sale, handing over a check, and shaking hands is not the end of it, but documentation for the new boat is mandatory as Transport Canada needs to keep track of the boat’s status.

Registration has several important issues to it, as it is not always needed, and a single detail like the gross tonnage might make the difference between a registry and the other. We know you are anxious to sail away as soon as possible, so read carefully and pay attention. Filling the right form promptly will save you time and money, and it will get your boat registered before you can finish reading this article.

registering a boat in Canada

Registration Fees And Other Fees

Down below you can find a list of costs regarding vessel registration:

  • Initial registration or re-registration of a Certificate of Registry: $250.00
  • Registered Vessel name change: $250.00
  • Replacement of lost or destroyed Certificate of Registry: $50.00
  • Registered Vessel port of registry change: $150.00

Does My Boat Need Registration?

First of all, have you asked yourself if your boat needs to be registered? If we are talking about a ship intended just for leisure on your free weekends with your family, you can just go for a pleasure craft license. But if you are looking for transporting people or cargo as a business, or engaging in commercial fishing, then registration it is.

Registering your boat, even if not mandatory, is the choice of many boat owners as it provides proof of ownership, the right to fly the Canadian flag, a unique vessel name, official number, and port of registry, and the right to use a vessel as security for a marine mortgage. Way more benefits than the simpler pleasure craft license. Registration divides itself into two categories: small vessel and Canadian Vessel. Both of them share some characteristics, such as being powered by a motor of 7.5 kW (10 horsepower) or more.

Other Interesting Information for Boat Owners

The Most Expensive Part of Owning a Boat

Besides the price of the ship itself, costs really go high when we talk about boat insurance. You might be required to have liability insurance and damage coverage. Overall, a necessary evil if you want to moor your boat anywhere.

The Cost of Buying a New Boat

Determining the price of a boat may not be that easy as it depends on its size and makes. However, many boat manufacturers and dealers offer monthly payments for entry-level boats as low as $200. Tread carefully, compare, investigate and take your time to make a decision though. You don’t want to end up in a floating tin can just because you chose to go cheap.

Maintenance: Is It Expensive?

Maintenance and repairs are a bit different since maintenance costs are regular and ongoing (such as bottom paint, engine tune-ups, or wax jobs) while repairs can come up at unexpected moments. Even if maintenance and repairs still represent a major cost of boat ownership, modern vessels require much less of it than decades-old ships.

Get Your Registration Done Today

The National Vessel Registration Center offers all the forms you need for both the small vessel and the Canadian vessel registries. You can find them on our website easily and fill them in no time. Registering a boat in Canada has never been easier. Contact us if you have any questions.