The Best Boating Accessories for a Licensed Pleasure Craft 2018

a licensed pleasure craft

Owning a boat is just as good as you can enjoy using it. There are accessories that you can get for your boat, which will go a long way in making your experience better. Accessories for a licensed pleasure craft make it easier for you to enjoy going to the sea.

There are different types of accessories available. There are accessories that you will find on the boat you buy after the transfer of ownership is complete. This is because they are mandatory. There are others that you will have to buy for yourself, as a matter of principle and preference.


This is an important accessory that must be present in any boat. In fact, before getting certification for vessels, the authorities must inspect the boat and make sure the life jackets are available, and in good condition. Other than that, there are different rules regarding lifejackets before getting certification for vessels over 24 meters.

Your boat should have a lifejacket for every single passenger. Smaller boats have a maximum cap on the number of passengers they can carry. In case you are not aware, make sure you have enough lifejackets for the maximum number of people. This is a good way for you to prepare for situations where you have to carry more people than you might have planned for.

a licensed pleasure craft


Under the transport Canada boat registration guidelines, you must have a fire extinguisher on the boat. This is pretty much a common-sense consideration. Any boat that has an engine must have a fire extinguisher. Depending on the type and size of your boat, you can also get fire extinguishers in different sizes. Even if you have a fire extinguisher within the engine cabin as is the case with most boats these days, you must still make provisions to have a hand-held extinguisher or as many as you deem necessary.


You might be surprised how important paddles are. Particularly for smaller boats, paddles can be useful when you are struggling to navigate some waters. They are also helpful in the unlikely event that your boat suffers mechanical failure. Since storage might be an issue, get yourself telescope paddles. These can fold into tiny pieces that will be easy for you to keep on board.


The horn is not just an accessory. It is also a safety item that you need to have on the boat. Just like in cars, boats come with horns. However, not all boats have them. In case yours does not have a horn, make arrangements to have a horn.

The problem with a good number of the built-in horns is that they might not always be as loud as you would need them to. Therefore, even if your boat comes with a horn built in, there is no harm in getting an air horn. In the case of an emergency, this makes it easier for you to sound an alarm and alert the other boats in the vicinity.

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