Should You Boat With Your Dogs?

boating with dogs

There’s nothing illegal about bringing your dogs when you go out boating with your family and friends. In fact, dogs can add fun to your activities. It’s especially true if they feel comfortable while on the water. But ensure that you’re taking the same precaution as you would with your human friends. In this post, let’s take a look at some of the tips that you can follow to make sure that boating with dogs becomes a safe cruise.

Life jacket

Your dog may love being on the water. But does it know how to swim? If it does, can it swim well? Your family and friends are wearing life jackets, so why not your dogs? Several life jacket manufacturers are now making life jackets designed for dogs. You must also have a lifting handle, so it’s easy for you to pull it out of the water, whenever necessary.

boating with dogs

Allow your dog get accustomed to the boat

Before its very first boating trip, make sure that your dog gets used to your boat. While the vessel is docked, let your furry pet climb aboard the ship a few times. In this way, it’ll get used to its surroundings and what it feels like to be on the boat. It can familiarize itself with the place, so it won’t get stressed when it’s already out on the water.

Bring a lot of water for your dogs

Boating for the first time can be stressful for your dog. So keep it hydrated. Make sure that you bring lots of drinking water. During the cruise, it tends to get thirsty. So, ensure that you’re bringing something for it to drink. Of course, you should also have some dog treats with you. If you have questions about marine safety and other things related to vessel documentation, please contact our registry processors at