Registration of a Government Vessel and Breaking Down the Process

registration of a government vessel

Registering a vessel with Transport Canada will be very important in order for a lot of boats to be able to operate commercially and provide services. This is just as important for privately-owned vessels as it is for the ones that provide government services. Let’s talk about the process for registration of a government vessel and how it might be different from the process for private and personal vessels.

Registration of a Government Vessel

In order to properly submit the registration forms for a vessel, you will need to consider a fair amount of information in regards to the process. Now, all vessels that are going to operate either commercially or as a service provider will need to be registered with Transport Canada. This will not only officialize the due ownership and operation information, as well as set up the right contact mechanism for any issues that might arise with its operations. Now, registration of a government vessel will have certain particular concerns, so let’s go over them.

What is a Government Vessel?

So, first of all, how do you define a government vessel under Canadian law? Let’s take a look at the guidelines for what constitutes a government boat. In order to qualify, the vessel in question needs to:

  • Be owned by the Canadian government,
  • Provide a service for the Canadian government, or
  • Provide a service on behalf of the Canadian government.

So, what should you do if your vessel fits within one of these categories? Well, you will have to register, of course, specifically using a particular form that you will have to file with Transport Canada. This way, you can get your registration number and operate the vessel in accordance to Canadian Law.

Finding the Corresponding Forms and Information

Now, to take care of the registration of a government vessel in Canada, you will have to fill out the corresponding form with the right information. This will include the port of registry, the name choices that you’d like to consider officially, and the tonnage of the ship, as well as other manufacturing details about the vessel in order for it to be properly identified going forward. If the process of filling out the form gets too complicated at some point, then you can always reach out to our team for help with the matter. Just keep in mind that if you make any mistake at some point of the process, the form might be returned to you and the application further delayed.

Submit Your Boat Registration

Here at the National Vessel Registry Center Corp, we want to make sure that you’re able to submit all the forms for registration of a government vessel you might need. Yes, regardless of how complicated or extensive the process might be. So, can you submit the forms for registration here on our platform? Of course you can! You can do that and more here on our website. Just give us a call at +1 (800) 419-9569 or email us at if you need any help.