Registering Your Vessel Can Be a Valuable Tool for Marine Safety

marine safety

A responsible boat owner will always put the safety of their passengers first. You want to make sure that you have an adequate supply of life jackets, follow appropriate dockside protocols, and obey all the laws of operation while you’re out on Canadian waters. Chances are, you’re aware of these simple best practices for marine safety, but did you know that registering your vessel with Transport Canada can also help protect you while you’re out on the water?

A Registered Vessel Has Less Secrets

You might think that registering your vessel just means acquiring a slip of paper, but in truth, it’s so much more than that. For example, if you’re purchasing a pre-owned boat, you may want to strongly consider a vessel that’s registered. This way, you’ll be able to do some easy research on the boat’s history, which can reveal if the vessel has been in any accidents or collisions that could’ve caused structural damage that eludes the naked eye. Likewise, for a new vessel, it’s responsible to register it to ensure the safety of any future operators of the boat.

marine safety

An Aid in Search and Rescue, and a Protection When Travelling Abroad

If the unthinkable ever happens and you’re lost at sea, or you for another reason require a search and rescue operation to bring you back to safety, vessel registration can be of paramount assistance. By having your boat registered, it can be easily identified, which can save valuable time when it means the most. Also, if you’re interested in travelling to foreign ports, having your vessel registered is a wise protection. Your registration serves as the flag of Canada, and as such it will be recognized internationally should trouble arise.

Take Your Safety Seriously, and Register with Our Help

If these marine safety benefits rightly seem worth it for your boating needs, you’ll want to get your vessel registered as soon as possible. At Canadian Vessel Registry Center, we can help you apply for registration with Transport Canada in a timely, and accurate fashion. We make the application process simple, and we’ll check your documents for any errors that could cause it to be rejected. Take a look around our website when you have a moment, you’ll see that we offer a vast array of documentation services, so no matter what you’ll need down the road, we’ll be there to help.