Processing Your Pleasure Craft Licence Transfer Form Online

pleasure craft license transfer form

Have you recently purchased a pleasure craft and are working your way through the transferring process? Did you sell your pleasure craft to someone else and want to expedite the process as much as possible? We designed our site to be a place where vessel owners at all stages of vessel ownership could find exactly what they needed when they needed it. One of the most popular forms at our site is the Pleasure Craft license transfer form, for a variety of reasons. 

An Easier Way to Access the Pleasure Craft License Transfer Form 

We know that, when it comes to completing vessel documentation, most folks don’t want to take all that long to do so. In fact, they’d rather get through it as quickly as possible. We understand, which is why we marked the blanks you absolutely have to fill out on this form with a red asterisk. Beyond that, we also made it so that you can access this form from anywhere, so long as you’re connected to the internet. That means you can bet at the port, in the boat shop, or on the boat itself and get this form done. 

pleasure craft license transfer form

What You’ll Need in Addition to the Form 

The completed application is important, but it’s not everything that you’ll need to complete the transfer to your new pleasure craft. You’ll also need a signed photocopy of the valid government-issued ID for each owner. For many, this is their driver’s license, but many other forms of government ID are acceptable as well. Additionally, you’re going to want a current, up-to-date, full-side view photo of the pleasure craft. If you’re unsure what to take the photo of, err on the side of common sense: take a picture that would definitively let someone know what your pleasure craft looks like. Also, you’re going to want a copy of the bill of sale/or proof of ownership, too. 

What Should Be On Your Vessel 

Just because you’ve completed this documentation doesn’t mean that it’s all you need to keep on your vessel. In fact, many vessel owners don’t realize everything that they need on their pleasure craft to be in compliance when they operate it. For example, you’ll also want to keep the bills of sale, wills/bequests, divorce/separation agreements, court judgments, statutory declarations, or any other separate ownership documents on your vessel as well, just in case. 

A Place for Registration Forms, Too 

The above has explained what to do and what to know about transferring the ownership of a pleasure craft. At our site, we also have all of the forms that you might need for transferring a registered vessel’s ownership, too.  In fact, you can find all of the forms you’ll need for licensing and registration: initial application, renewing it, transferring it, and so much more. To see everything that we offer, just head to our site today.