The Process of Importing a Vessel into Canada is Easy

Importing a Vessel into Canada

Purchasing a pleasure boat can be a great addition to your life. It can give you years of enjoyment on the water. You get the opportunity to go out with family and friends and spend hours or even days at sea, enjoying the views, swimming, fishing and doing everything you love about being at sea. Finding the perfect boat for your situation may take some shopping around as you look at the new and secondary markets. You may even find the boat you want is for sale in the United States for just the right price. Once you make the deal to buy a boat in the U.S., you must then get the boat into Canada. The process of importing a vessel into Canada is an easy one for you if you follow the proper steps.

Importing a Vessel by Land

Many people bring their boat into Canada by crossing one of the land borders. When you do this, you must immediately notify the border services officer. Let them know that you are bringing the vessel into Canada. The officer will then conduct the necessary processing and paperwork at the border crossing. That way, you can bring the boat legally into the country. You will want to have the bill of sale for the boat so that you can present the information to the border officer as your proof of ownership.

Importing a Vessel into Canada

Importing a Vessel by Water

In some instances, importing a vessel into Canada will get conducted at a water crossing. If you bring your vessel into Canada in this manner, you need to report to a designated marine site. You also need to call the Transport Canada office to declare that you are importing a vessel into the country. The representative at Transport Canada will give you the appropriate instructions. In some cases, processing may be unavailable at the marine crossing, and you will be directed to report to the closest border office to make your arrangements, present your documents, and pay any necessary taxes due.

After Importing Your Vessel

Once you have completed importing a vessel into Canada, you should consider registering your vessel so you can get government certification. At National Vessel Registry Center Corp., we can help you with the registration and certification process. Our website is set up so that you can go through the process easily and submit your paperwork to us. We can then file everything for you with Transport Canada and help you get your certification so you can enjoy your pleasure boat.