How to Mark Your Vessel Name and Port of Registry

How to Mark Your Vessel Name and Port of Registry

According to Canadian law, if you own a commercial vessel you need to register it with Transport Canada. The laws for pleasure vessels differ slightly, and while you must license your vessel, registration is not a mandatory process you must go through. There are some benefits to registration that may make it appeal to you, such as being a part of a national registry for a better security clearance when you travel to foreign waters. If you decide to go through registration or must go through registration, there are requirements for you for your certificate of registration to be valid. There are ways that you must mark your vessel name and port of registry on your boat so that it can be identified.

Marking Requirements for Vessel Name

When you first apply for your registration with Transport Canada, you must submit a list of possible official names that you will use for your vessel. The information must be included on the application you submit to Transport Canada or your application will be rejected. You must also indicate on your application what your port of registry will be. Each province has different ports of registry and you can find the list of ports on the Transport Canada website so you can select the one that is appropriate for you.

How to Mark Your Vessel Name and Port of Registry

Where to Place Your Vessel Name

When it comes to marking your boat with your vessel name and port of registry, the information must be affixed to your boat in a certain location. The name of your boat and your port of registry must be on the exterior part of the hull of your vessel so that they are clearly visible. This regulation applies to pleasure craft and air cushion vehicles. For commercial craft, the name must be marked on each bow, and the port of registry and name must be marked on the stern. The information must always be clearly visible and permanently affixed in some manner.

Sending in the Vessel Application

When you are ready to get your documentation certificate and will mark your vessel name and port of registry according to the regulations, you can use us at National Vessel Registry Center Corp. to assist you. You can fill out your application online at our website and submit the information to us for examination and processing. We will send everything on to Transport Canada for approval so that you can get the registration and certification for your vessel.