Importing A Boat From Usa Without Worry

Importing a Boat from USA

Not everyone has the good fortune to find the boat of their dreams in their own backyard. It is common for Canadians to purchase boats that were made and registered in the United States or other parts of the globe. If importing a boat from the USA is something you decide to do, it is crucial that you are familiar with the procedure before you prepare to import the boat into Canada. You can avoid headaches and issues when bringing the boat across the border by learning about the best ways to import a boat from the USA without worry.

Importing a Vessel Into Canada

Since you can never be too careful, you should be skeptical of anything an independent vendor says. For starters, you should also ask for a certificate of title, a US document that can assist the owner in demonstrating that there is no other legal obligation with respect to the boat’s assets. For instance, should there be, for example, a pending loan on the boat, the lender will end up keeping the title documents. It is important to check a boat’s title for any loans or pending fees or payments before purchasing and importing it into Canada. Once you’re certain you want to buy the boat, ask the seller to create a bill of sale that breaks down the boat, engine, and particular characteristics separately. Additionally, you need a bill of sale that is notarized and covers all the assets. Should you have more questions after reading this blog post, please reach us at the National Vessel Registry for any doubts.

Import a Boat from the USA: Gathering Information Before Import

You want to make sure that you have all your paperwork in order before the date on which you are planning to import your boat from the USA. Having all the required documentation in order will help ensure that you do not miss something you may need or make an error on any of your paperwork that could cause a serious delay or trouble with the authorities. For starters, a bill of sale is a necessity when importing, so you want to make sure you have something from the broker to help smooth the transition. Another key element to have your official identification so that you can prove you are a Canadian citizen.

Importation Day

You will need to take a few steps when the time comes to import a boat from the USA into Canada. If you’re shipping the boat by water, you’ll need to make a stop at one of the designated ports along the way so you can speak with the appropriate customs agents. To make sure everything is in order, they will examine your paperwork and the boat. If you’re traveling by land, you’ll need to halt at the border so that Canadian customs officials there can verify everything. In either case, before the vessel can be imported into Canada, you must also pay any applicable tax or duty (the amount may vary).

Do I Need to Register My Boat?

Have you considered whether registering your boat is something you’d be interested in after importing your boat from the USA? You might only need to apply for a pleasure craft license if you’re planning to use your boat solely for leisure in your free time with your family. However, registration is required if you plan to transport people or goods for profit or engage in commercial fishing.

Even though it is not required, many boat owners choose to register their vessels because it gives them additional ownership documentation. For many, the permission to fly the Canadian flag is an important plus. Other benefits include a distinctive vessel name, official number, and port of registry, as well as the ability to use their vessels as collateral for marine loans. This advantageous license offers more benefits than the simpler pleasure craft license. Another two subcategories of registration are small vessels and Canadian vessels. They both share traits like being propelled by a motor with at least 7.5 kW (10 horsepower). The advantages of registration make filling in the required paperwork a popular decision for Canadian boaters.

Importing a Boat from USA

All Your Importation Needs in One Place

We at the National Vessel Registry Center Corp. can help you with any paperwork you might be required to submit to Transport Canada as part of the procedure. Our quick and secure system enables you to quickly complete all of the required forms whenever and wherever you are so that you don’t waste any valuable time. Afterwards we’ll take care of handling all your documentation through Transport Canada. We provide all of the applications in electronic form so that you can have a safe importing a boat from the USA process. You can complete everything you need to do to get your new ship ready to sail with our help. To find out more about our services, contact us right away.