How Do You Enter the Canadian Vessel Registry?

canadian vessel registry

One of the unique things about boating is the variety it offers. Vessels can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so you will have no trouble finding a make and model that is tailored to your needs. Maybe you are looking to start small with a fishing boat or canoe? Perhaps your ambitions are a bit more grand and you are considering a yacht? No matter what you are looking for, you’ll be able to find it on the open market. If your budget isn’t quite aligned with the idea of buying a brand new boat, the secondary market is also fairly robust in Canada. For discerning shoppers, there are many great deals to be had when looking for well-maintained, previously-owned boats. Regardless of how you choose to come into ownership of a boat, one thing is for certain: you will be eager to get it into the water. Before you load up your boat with snacks and drinks and untie from the dock, however, you will want to check whether or not your boat needs to join the Canadian vessel registry. Should your boat require a registration, there are ways to apply online.

Let’s face it, sometimes paperwork is an unavoidable part of life. When you own a boat, you will need to submit documents to Transport Canada on occasion. As the country’s main transportation agency for both land and sea, Transport Canada is tasked with issuing vessel registrations, pleasure craft operator cards (PCOCs), and pleasure craft licenses (PCLs). The type of documentation your boat requires typically comes down to what you plan to use it for. No matter what type of license or registration you need, though, you do have the option to print out paper applications, ink them by hand, and mail them to Transport Canada’s office in Ottawa for processing. If you would rather spend your free time out on the lake, we’ve got you covered.

canadian vessel registry

What is the Canadian Vessel Registry

Most boats, assuming they are used for purely leisure activities, can get by with a simple PCL. There are certain scenarios where you will need to register your vessel, however. If you purchased your boat with a bank loan, or if you plan to travel on foreign waters under the Canadian flag, you will need to register it with Transport Canada. This will also be a requirement if you plan to use your vessel for any sort of commercial purpose.

By clicking on the vessel registration section in our navigation menu, you will be brought to a series of fillable forms. We have digital versions of the Form 1 – Application for Vessel Registration, as well as the Form 3 – Statement of Qualification for Vessel Registration. You can also use our SSL-encrypted web portal to upload your supplemental materials.

Get Your Registration Today

By using our forms, you can apply for a vessel registration in just minutes. We also have web forms for a number of other Transport Canada matters. To learn more, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, or take a few minutes to explore our website.