Getting your Application for Pleasure Craft License Ready

application for pleasure craft license

Boating season has already begun, so this might be your last chance to make sure that your documents are ready. If you need to renew your almost expired license, you finally got your own boat or you want to learn how to submit an application for a pleasure craft license, this article will help you understand the best way of doing it.

What is a Pleasure Craft License?

A boat license is normally referred to in Canada as a Pleasure Craft License, or simply PCL. It is a document that provides a unique identification number for the vessel. This number works pretty much the same way a car plate does, helping the person to quickly aid the passengers in case of an emergency by identifying the boat.

This number has to be displayed on both sides of the boat, in a color that contrasts with the vessel, in capital letters, and in a place, it can be seen, at least 7.5 centimeters high. Other than this, you should also carry the documentation that states your identification number within the boat: you don’t want to risk yourself having to pay costly fines.

Keep in mind that any boat used for recreational purposes that uses a motor with 10 HP or more needs to get a PCL. Find out next how to process your application for a pleasure craft license. 

How to Get a PCL

There is not unique way of processing your application for a pleasure craft license. The “official” way (though not the most convenient one) is to do it through Transport Canada, the government agency responsible for the administration of maritime activity. On their website, you can download the appropriate form, and fill out the application manually including details such as your name address, and the vessel itself and documentation such as a proof of ownership (a bill of sale would do the trick), a copy of your government ID and a picture of your boat.

After you finish putting all of these documents and forms together, you need to send this package to the Transport Canada offices in Ottawa, by regular postal mail.

application for pleasure craft license

Getting a PCL the Simplest Way

As we said a few lines ago, this is the official way to get your application for a pleasure craft license, but not the only one: not everyone has the time to be printing the documentation, fill them up manually, and head to the post office to send them out. That’s the reason why we created the National Vessel Registry Center.

We are a third-party agency that provides you with an encrypted and easy-to-navigate portal that helps you get not only your PCL but also many different types of documentation required by Transport Canada. The best part of it is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your house to get it: our platform is fully online. Furthermore, having our experienced staff overlooking the paperwork you are submitting, will give you peace of mind, so there are no mistakes in your documentation. Contact us today and get your trips started!