Get Your Manitoba Boat Registration in Order With Canadian Vessel Registry

Manitoba Boat Registration

For those unfamiliar with the process, registering your vessel with Transport Canada might seem somewhat intimidating or complicated. However, there’s no reason for it to actually be that way when you have the right help on your side. That is what we aim to provide here at the Canadian Vessel Registry Center. So, if you are looking to get your Manitoba boat registration in order, you can use this guide to help you through this in a way that is both convenient and understandable.

Manitoba Boat Registration

So, in order to understand the registration process, it’s good to begin with what you’re going to need as part of this application. We know that processes such as these can be intimidating or seem complicated. Because of this, we’ve outlined everything you need to know to take care of your boat registration. Let’s take a closer look at the application.

Proof Of Ownership

A key component of getting your initial boat registration here in Manitoba will be to provide proof of ownership over the vessel. This is obviously very important, since it’s what will ultimately tie the registration to you, the owner. Now, what can you submit in order as proof of ownership? Well, the best option will always be the bill of sale you received once you purchased the vessel. If you submit this document along with your application form for initial registration, you should be able to register the vessel under your name without any issue. A letter from the manufacturer, especially in certain cases of commissioned or built upon request vessels, can also work for this purpose.

Submitting the Form

Now, in order to apply for your registration, you will have to submit the corresponding form, which is very simple. Most of what you will need to provide will be some straightforward information about the vessel itself, which is mostly just manufacturing data. On top of that, you need to submit contact information about yourself, or the owner in case that you’re acting on their behalf. After all, the boat registration exists to keep track of who owns and operates a vessel in particular. If Transport Canada, or another entity, needs to reach out to a vessel owner in regards to their boat, they can make use of the contact information attached to the registration. Once you’ve filled out the form, you can submit it here through our own platform  for your convenience.

Manitoba Boat Registration

Canada Vessel Registry Center

It’s common knowledge that engaging with government agencies can often be quite frustrating, especially when it comes to transportation. Registering your vessel, for example, can be a very inconvenient process, which is why we make an effort to make it easier for you. Here at the Canadian Vessel Registry Center, you will be able to find all the forms you might need in relation to your vessel. For more information about this process or to ask any questions about it, you can give us a call at +1 (800) 419-9569 or email us at