Do You Need a Licence to Boat in Canada?

licence to boat

While you may have thought about owning a boat yourself since you were a child, the reality always seemed like it would never come true. Now an opportunity has come along where you can get a boat for a price that is reasonable to you, and you are ready to move on it. If you have never owned a vessel in Canada before, you may want to take some time to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations regarding boat ownership in the country. Reading over the material can let you know what you are expected to comply with as an owner so that you do not run any risks where you could be ticketed or penalized. One issue many potential owners are unsure about involves licensing. If you are wondering if you need a licence to boat in Canada, we at the National Vessel Registry Center Corp. can supply you with valuable information.

 licence to boat

Getting a Licence

According to current Canadian law, all pleasure craft in Canada needs, at the minimum, a pleasure craft license. There are minor exceptions to the rule, such as your vessel has an engine that is less than ten horsepower, or you have chosen vessel registration over licensing. If you own a small boat with a small engine or no engine at all, you do not need to go through the process. Anything more significant and you must apply for a licence with Transport Canada. There are specific forms you need to fill out, and you must supply some supporting documentation so that you can get your license.

An Alternative to a Licence

An alternative does exist instead if you do not want to get a pleasure craft licence to boat. Boat owners can opt to go through the vessel registration process with Transport Canada and become part of the federal registry. Registration can be preferable for some owners, but it does require that you pay higher fees, provide more information, and fill out more paperwork. Owners of commercial vessels do not have a choice and must seek out vessel registration for their ships. The process can be a bit slower, so you do want to get it started as soon as you can.

For a License or Registration, Come Here

Here at the National Vessel Registry Center Corp., we can assist you whether you need a licence to boat or if you want to get vessel registration instead. Our website has all the forms you may need for licensing and registration available in electronic form. You can fill out everything, provide your supporting documents, pay your fees, and send everything to us in just a few minutes. Our job is to make sure your forms are in order before we pass them on to Transport Canada for quicker and easier processing for you. You can visit our website any time to get the ball rolling and begin working towards getting all the documentation you need so you can have your new boat out in the water without any issues.