Do I Need to Display my Canada Pleasure Craft Licence?

Do I Need to Display my Canada Pleasure Craft Licence

Isn’t it great owning a new boat? You now have the freedom of getting out on the water and enjoying scenery that most people don’t have the pleasure to. When it comes to being a new boat owner there are plenty of legal requirements involved in your pleasure craft. For that reason, it’s best to understand what forms and regulations you need to be aware of to keep you and your boat out on the water legally. One of the biggest things to understand and adhere to when you get your boat ready to hit the water is your Canada pleasure craft licence is not the same as a boating license. It’s a common misconception but knowing the difference is important. Although you may already have a Pleasure Craft Operator Card you will need a pleasure craft licence number for your boat.


For those that are uncertain of whether they needed a pleasure craft licence, you are legally required to have one if your craft is powered with an engine that has 10 horsepower or more. One of the benefits of having a pleasure craft licence is that it can be very useful in the event of an emergency. The licence allows Search and Rescue operators to find your craft’s specific information and identify yours by your pleasure craft licence number. This can be especially important if you have become lost in unfamiliar water or if your craft has been stolen. When you have been assigned with a pleasure craft licence number you have to then properly display it on your vessel.

Do I Need to Display my Canada Pleasure Craft Licence1

To properly display your pleasure craft licence it must be above the water line. It also needs to be shown on each side of your vessel’s hull. Having it in a visible place with making your boat more easily recognizable and dispel any frustrations when your vessel needs to be identified. To be sure that you are displaying your pleasure craft licence correctly, there will need to be a uniformed style of numbering. When you are planning to display your number you need to have block letters that are 3 inches high or larger. They also must stand out against the paint of your boat (no green numbers if your boat is green etc).


A final note, you do not need a licence if your boat is already registered. Pleasure craft licences are valid for ten years in Canada. You can apply for your licence if need be through many different sites that work as third-party services. When and if you are uncertain of where to be a third party service can be a great resource that cuts out any guesswork. Third party companies are trusted to ensure that your paperwork is submitted correctly. All of the forms you need are there for you to fill out. National Vessel Registry Center Corp is a third-party service that has a dedicated staff that checks your submissions for you. You won’t have to worry about weeks of delay in your license approval due to clerical errors. Visit our website and send all the necessary forms online.