Changing The Name Of A Boat In Canada

changing the name of a boat

You scrimped and saved and did all you could to get the money together so that you can purchase that boat you saw for sale. It looks to be in fantastic shape, has everything you want, and its price is right, so you have made the leap and bought it. Now that you have the boat, you want to make it yours in several ways. Sure, you need to take care of registration or licensing, but you might also want to make some changes to the boat itself. Cosmetic issues are one thing, but what if you need to change the hailing port or want to alter the name of your vessel? Learning changing the name of a boat in Canada so that it is completed correctly will make a difference in how smoothly the overall process goes for you.

Bad Luck in a Name Change?

The adage among boat owners is that it is always bad luck to change the name of your ship. Of course, this is just a legend that has stuck around for many years. You may feel that the name of the boat does not fit your personality or what you are like as the new owner and you want to change it. You may also need to change the hailing port if you reside in a different location than the previous owner. For either of these situations, there will be paperwork you need to file with Transport Canada so that you can make the change legally.

changing the name of a boat

Filing for a Name Change

Learning changing the name of a boat means getting all the paperwork and supporting documents in order. You must fill out the specific form that pertains to name change, provide things like proof of ownership and residency, and pay a fee. Then you just need to mail everything to Transport Canada for processing. The forms might seem difficult to follow if you have never done this before, but you want to be sure you provide accurate information and support. Otherwise, your application will get denied and you will need to start again.

The Best Way to Change a Name

If you are struggling with changing the name of a boat and want the best way to complete the task, you want to turn to us at the National Vessel Registry Center Corp. for assistance. We have just the forms you need right on our website so you can see it all in front of you on your computer screen. You can fill it out and send it to us, along with your supporting documents and fees, within a few minutes using our secure website. Our staff, who have spent years working with Transport Canada documents, will check everything for you to make sure it is correct before we submit it to Transport Canada for you. You can get the approval you want so you can change the name of your boat to what you want and make the vessel feel more like it is yours.