Changing the Name of a Boat? Here Are a Few Name Ideas!

Changing the Name of a Boat

There are many reasons why you would want to change the name of a boat. Maybe you just bought a used one and have no interest in keeping its original name as it has nothing to do with you. A ship’s name is something very personal for many people, since it may say a lot about the boat’s or the owner’s history. If this is the case, then you might be interested in changing the name of a boat.

Think of your vessel as a part of your life now. It could be a great weekend plan for pleasure, a place for living, a tool for commercial purposes, and so on. The options are wide and vary. The name of your boat can reflect your interest and feelings about it. A ship may be a partner for many, many years, and choosing the right name for it can be important!

Choosing A New Name For Your Boat

If you happen to be interested in naming a boat for the second time, there are quite a couple of things to think about. 

First of all, check how normal the new name is. It may be way too boring if it’s something common. Look for a name that fits your personality. You could be looking for something that expresses your feelings but goes under the radar. Also, think about adaptability. If you want to brag about your new ship, a cool or empowering name might suit it!

Changing the Name of a Boat

New Name Ideas For Your Ship

When changing the name of a boat, find a source of inspiration. Is it a person you love? Maybe someone who passed away? Or maybe both? Sure, you can keep it classy using people’s names, but there are many other options to consider for a new name.

Pop Culture References

A name based on a movie or music might be a great choice! You can go for ‘Black Pearl’, as in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, or ‘Sailing Ships’ as the Whitesnake song. Beware of naming it after the Titanic though; as popular as Leo Di Caprio’s film might have made it, that ship did not go as well as his career.

A Literary Approach

Sealife has been written on paper since ancient times. Some good names are ‘Pequod’ as the whaling ship in Moby Dick, or ‘Nautilus’ as the submarine featured in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas.

Ancient Mythology

Interested in old history and antique cultures of pagan religions? Think about ‘Poseidon’, the Greek god of the sea, or ‘Hera’, sister of Poseidon, who helped Jason to navigate. Maybe you could name it ‘Kraken’, as the Scandinavian folklore sea monster.

Feeling Almighty

You know an empowering name when you see one in the haul of a ship. Names such as Triumph, Victory, Mayhem, or Widowmaker will make your boat feel important.

Applying For The Name Change

Once you have decided on the new name for your boat, fill the application on our website. Changing the name of a boat doesn’t have to be a hassle. We will present the documentation to the Canadian Coast Guard and let you know how things go.

Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions!