Canadian Vessel Documentation Search by Name

vessel documentation search by name

Are you looking for information on an old vessel for you or a friend? Doing some research on a ship you acquired or you want to? You can do a vessel documentation search by name on the National Vessel Registry Center.

Historical Research of a vessel provides information from the Ship Registration Computer System Database from 1984 to the present, or from microfilm if the vessel was registered before 1984. Check out all the historical information of ships you can access through our online portal.

vessel documentation search by name

Conditions And Requirements

As precise as the database can be, keep in mind that you need to meet certain requirements so that it can be useful for your intentions. First off, this database only keeps track of non-pleasure commercial registered vessels, that is, ships registered under the small vessel registration or the Canadian registration of the vessel. Vessels registered under the pleasure craft licensing system do not apply.

The vessel documentation search by name requires the official number and/or the vessel name to work properly. No other information brings results unless this specific data is filled in the form. 

Filling The Historical Vessel Research Form

To get on with the vessel documentation search by name, look for the ‘Registry Forms’ tab on the upper side of the main page, and click on the ‘Historical Research’ option. You must write down the vessel name, official number, and the written request for the research. You need to provide the personal information of the person who is asking to apply for the process: first and last name, telephone number, email address, and facsimile (not mandatory). 

The form allows you to select if the vessel is currently active or non-active. Price differs as it is easier to gather information from active ships rather than investigating inactive ones. Keep in mind that some reports may exceed the allotted pages, if there are more than 12 pages additional fees may be required. You will then be required to provide your credit card information and billing address.

The Best Site To Get Your Documentation

The National Vessel Registry Center website has all the applications and forms you need to get your boat’s paperwork done. The page is SSL encrypted to protect our client’s privacy at all times. The portal works great in every format, including tablets and mobile phones.

If you have still have any doubts about vessel documentation search by name or anything else, feel free to contact us at any time if you have any further questions. Our operators are eager to answer you.