Can a Canadian Vessel be stored in freshwater and saltwater?

a canadian vessel

Buying a boat is a good thing. You have this special feeling about it. You might even feel invincible. This is because you are now able to take to the oceans over the weekend, go fishing, or even throw a party in the middle of the ocean. Well, just like a car needs a good garage, one of the first things you have to think about when you get a Canadian vessel is a storage.

You will not want to have the boat rocking about on the ocean all through the year, especially when you are not using it. Before you look for transport Canada boat registration services, you must make sure you have the storage agenda sorted out. Proper storage will help you increase the useful life of your boat by so many years, once you have a registered pleasure craft.

a canadian vessel

Saltwater or freshwater?

This is another concern that you must look into. Saltwater naturally corrodes the boats faster. Therefore, keeping your boat in the salt water is a mistake, a huge one. Other than the salt, salt water also has an insane amount of minerals that will further affect the condition of your boat over time.

If you do some basic research online, or even meet and discuss boat issues with enthusiasts, there is a lot that you can learn. Talk to people who have handled the transfer of ownership before. You will be surprised to learn that when stored in fresh water, your boat’s manifold can serve you for well over a decade. The same cannot be said about salty water, whose lifespan whittles down to around three years.

Before you buy a licensed pleasure craft, you must also understand the type of boat that you are buying. Look at the ratings for the boat. Some boats are licensed and rated for use on either salt or fresh water, and others for both fresh and salt water.

For storage, fresh water is ideally your best bet. The reason behind this is that fresh water is generally gentle, and the clean water does not have dire consequences on your boat. One of the things you will have to consider is, perhaps, the temperature. There is a unique range of temperatures that should be ideal for your boat. You can find out about this in the documentation that comes with it when you buy it. This will help you pick out the best places to park your vessel.

What about salt water?

Does this mean that you cannot store your boat in salt water? No, this is not true. You can keep your boat in salt water, but you will have to make certain adjustments. You must still factor in the temperature here too. Make sure the boat is stored in a place where the water is gentle. Rough waters will do a lot of damage to your boat. Try and keep your boat in places where the temperature is moderate for a good part of the year.

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