Application for Pleasure Craft Licence Step by Step

Application for Pleasure Craft Licence

Summer is already here, but your documents are not. Whether you need to renew your about-to-expire licence, you have just bought your own boat, or you need to get an Application for a Pleasure Craft Licence read on to find out how to do it, on this step by step guide. 

Step one – Definition of Pleasure Craft Licence

A Pleasure Craft Licence, also known as PCL or just boat licence, is a document that provides you with a unique identification number for the vessel, which helps rescue personnel to access important information in the case of an accident.

Once you have the number, it should be displayed on both sides of the box, in a contrastable colour, capital letters and at least 7.5 centimetres high. You should always carry this documentation on your boat, as fines of up to $250 can be assigned to offenders.

Now that you know what it is we can go to the next step: When do I need a PCL?

Step two – Who Needs a Pleasure Craft Licence

To put it simply, any boat operated for recreational purposes and equipped with a motor of 10 hP or more needs a Pleasure Craft Licence, so if your vessel possesses these features, it might be a good idea to read on and find out how to get one.

Step three – How to Process a PCL

There are a few ways to process a PCL application. One of them is to submit an application to Transport Canada. You can do this on their website by downloading the appropriate form, filling it out with information such as your name, address, details about the previous owner and about the vessel itself.

Apart from that, you would need to include your proof of ownership (normally a bill of sale), a copy of your government ID and a full side photo of your boat. Once you have sorted all of this together, you have to send this package to the Transport Canada offices in Ottawa by regular post. 

Application for Pleasure Craft Licence

Step 4 – Application For Pleasure Craft Licence on a Simple Way

Of course not everyone can spend time printing all of the necessary documents, filling them up by hand and then inconveniently heading to the post office to send them away. Fortunately, the National Vessel Registry Center can make your life a bit easier to obtain the PCL.

On our site, we offer an encrypted and easy to navigate portal that contains any of the forms you need to set your papers in order before summer. Just go back to the home page, select the form you need and in a matter of minutes your application will be ready to go with the help of our staff. Remember, if you need to fill an application for a Pleasure Craft Licence, we have got you covered.