A Step By Step Guide to Processing a Boat Ownership Transfer in BC

Boat Ownership Transfer in BC

Do you need to process your boat ownership transfer in BC? Well, British Columbia boating guidelines can be hard to navigate, so let us guide you throughout this whole transfer process.

How to Carry Out a Boat Ownership Transfer in BC

Transferring ownership of a vessel is a very important step in selling your boat to a new owner, since it’s what makes it official at an administrative capacity. While many people think that the process of boat ownership transfer in BC is difficult, it doesn’t have to be. Well, at least not with the help of the National Vessel Registry Center, a platform set up to help you process your vessel documentation forms here in Canada without any trouble. Now, here you will find 

Get Your Bill of Sale in Order

Your bill of sale will be a key moment in order to process the ownership transfer since it’s the document that shows the sale of the vessel is actually taking place. In order to get a transfer of ownership processed, you will need to provide this document. Make sure that it’s properly formatted and certified in order for it to be adequately admitted as proof of the transaction. The document needs to clearly display the seller’s information, the buyer’s information, and the cost of the vessel. There needs to be no doubt left whatsoever that a transaction took place and the recipient of the boat is now its owner. If a payment plan or deferred payment method was used, the bill of sale also needs to outline this.

Filing For Transfer

Once you’ve made sure to provide the proper bill of sale, it will be time to file the corresponding form for a boat ownership transfer in BC. Now, we know just how annoying bureaucratic applications like this can be, which is why we have made it all a lot easier for you. Here on our platform, you will find the form for the transfer of ownership. In order to fill it out, all you’ll need to provide is some straightforward information about the current owner, the vessel, and the new owner. Once you’ve filled it out there, you can submit it through our platform without issue. You can even pay for the application fee here as well. In only a matter of days, your request for transfer will be processed and it will all be taken care of.

Boat Ownership Transfer in BC

Submit Forms to Transport Canada

Transport Canada documentation applications can be tedious and inconvenient to go through, but we don’t want that to be the case for you. Our platform is designed to make sure that all these processes are made easier for you, and that you have no trouble filing for any vessel documentation that you need. Not only that, but our team is always ready to provide you with the help that you need should you have any questions or doubts about any application process. Whether you are dealing with registration, licenses, transfers, or just about any other piece of documentation, you will find everything that you need right here at the National Vessel Registry Center.